God knows our heart’s desires

Sometimes we humans expect for something bigger to come into our lives, great moments to happen right away , we plan ahead of time and expect them to go smoothly as days go by , we are eager to buy expensive things we wish to have, we long for care from loved ones.  Yet no matter how we want things to happen ,no matter how courageous we are still the things that we  expect are still hard to reach, to attain.

Remember God has perfect timing, hold on, even if you’re dealing with formidable circumstances.  God knows our heart’s desires, our intentions in life. It takes time and patience, we have to understand  that despite all these things, there is a reward for waiting and this reward will be considered as a blessing.

Don’t worry about not having what you want .

Either if it’s a job  you were expecting to have because of the offered salary.  Think that there’s something bigger and better waiting for you. Don’t be discouraged, but find time to improve yourself more, while searching and waiting for the next. 

If it’s love, I mean “True love” that you expect to feel .Give what you can share,and remember it’s not all about tangible things, but the intangible ones which can be felt by the heart. Achieve feelings ,trust and not material possessions. 

We must do our part, if we  expect for  one true love. Learn to appreciate  and to  give compliments.

Pray and ask for guidance of our God Almighty ,for He knows what we deserve  to have. He knows the sincerity of our hearts. He will give us more of what we expect in His perfect timing, and these are according to His plans. 

Then later on , you’ll tell to yourself ,yes I’ve  been waiting, I’ve been patient, and through all that waiting, I can say that “It’s all worth the wait”

While we wait ,don’t be too  focused on what you want to achieve,don’t let it occupy most of the space in your mind. Don’t let it forget about your happy life outside .Enjoy the gift of nature, go out in the sun, breathe fresh air, watch the sunrise and the sunset, enjoy the calming songs of birds.

 Life is so short to get busy thinking about the things that you want to have or want to achieve. We have life to live, live it in the best way possible by sharing  good memories with your family and friends…



In life things are not always black, and not always white.Differences make us beautiful as human beings, differences of which we are able to find our own strength, our own perspective and values inside and out. Situations are not always right, there are times that it can be wrong, even humans are all different, we are not the same, yet things ,situations, humans in their own uniqueness is fine, in our endeavor we ought to learn and dig lessons even more. If there’s a downfall definitely a time will come that we will soar high, we are not on our journey to expect the things will always be the same,not always wrong,not always right,not always black and not always white.Sometimes success happens during our most unexpected times.

“Majority of us experienced hardships, failures, before we tasted success in life, yet life is a continuous learning process, it won’t just end there in a word “success “we will still face more complexity to test our capability of accepting challenges lying in front of us, this is how to spend the real, good, capable life.

Some renowned people in the world, popular leaders, and famous celebrities experienced tremendous triumphs, excruciating failures even, before they reached where they are now.

“Black and White situations “referred to as character building, our determination would reach something bigger, our hope will not be just “A hope “if we will strive for more, as what “I’ve imparted with one of my written poem” we should “KEEP THE FAITH and TRAVAIL OF TRYING” then we should keep struggling on  our path and pursue our goals.

“Never compare your life situation, your own failures, identity to others, don’t even think about

your failures in bigger ways, all you can do is to get over it, “ONLY YOU AND YOUR FAITH IN

HEAVENLY FATHER” will help you, yes it’s true, we can’t depend ourselves with other people,

Our path, our life depends on our “OWN CHOICE” and “OUR OWN DECISION”.

Life is meaningful if we would give ourselves the chance to give color on it.

“Our life is God’s most precious gift”, and the color that wraps on it depends on us”