His heart is place I call my home

There’s a man so loving and sweet

Who tickles my heart so deep

When i look to his eyes that speak

There’s a soul that I would love to keep

Forever I’ll treasure our bond

He will be  forever in my heart and beyond

‘Til the water gets dry in  the ocean

‘Til leaves  on all trees are gone

This man is who I call my husband

Who brightens my day like the sun

Whose love is as colorful as morning dawn

His heart is place I call my home


My Child

Time goes by I slowly  started to see

The unconditional love you have with me

The smile I make when I’m unhappy

Because of you I’ll never ever

 live in misery

You give me happiness in just one smile

Your perfection gives this eyes 

 a beautiful sight

 My soul, my  courage,my heart

 My hope when I’m about  to fall apart

I’ll never wish things to be different

I’ll always pray for it to be the same

You’re a wonderful blessing God has sent

My child

My world is perfect since the time you came