Life, Our Creator’s plan

We live life twenty four hours a day

Our Creator’s crafted plan from day to day

We follow our desires most of the  time 

Worrying some of these we may left behind

We live busy life as it may seems

We move forward to fulfill our dreams

Sometimes we forget to ask the guidance of


We forget  He made the plans already

We live life as if it is a race

Even  eager to reach a certain place

Take each step one at a time

Our life He carefully made

according to His plan


Let Sunshine enter in your heart

Let  sunshine enter in your heart

When your world is about to part

It may not be easy from the very start 

But heart will heal if we do our part

Renew your heart with a purpose each day

Heart will heal if you give it its way

Forgive yourself and  others before you go to bed

Let go of nuisance words others may have said

Let sunshine enter in your heart

Draw yourself closer to Almighty by praying hard

Face the trial with Him in your life

Know He is our only  sunshine in difficult times


Creative art from God’s divine

Creative art of Almighty I adore

Bluish purple sky , changes its color

Chirping birds compose a song

And make you feel to sing along

Calming breeze ,cool wind

Makes you feel love deep within

Appreciating life’s beauty & blessings

Our Almighty God has given

Heaven and earth intertwine

Being held by rays of sunshine

Creative art from God’s divine

His Love that lasts a lifetime