Life goes on

Today the wind blows the snows from the sky
They lay smoothly to grasses ,trees and hills
To watch on its beauty the time just passes by
Wondrin’ if I step out the door the snows are already on the sill

The sound seems quite at this time
The view is relaxing and still
This moment is wonderful sometimes
Your quiescent spirit reflects on how it feels

Life goes on despite of a colorless sky
Heart plays its own joyous music through silent prayer
Like those creatures from cold that try to survive
Take this earth’s ambiguous changes be left in the rear

Nothing sticks permanently like the snow on ground
This is an infinite thing to see the earth as round
Life goes on despite of changes or tedious sounds
Yet certainly Happiness in your blessed
heart can always be found


Poem I’ve written 03/03/19  10:01:56 am
Eureka Bianzon Robey

Importance of those who see our strength

Why and how a person feels his/her weaknesses ?

We can see and feel this through ourselves, we feel that we are weak,and that we are far different from others with regards to status and even our physical appearance.

There is a simple answer to this, it is when you’re surrounded by negative people who think negatively about you. Those who never believed ,and who never pay attention of giving themselves a chance to see what you can do.Or those who think that you’re far different from them.Those people who think that they’re above the others and never felt of being happy for them.

But when we are surrounded by positive people, like our true friends and loved ones. We experience the happiness of life, we can feel our strengths,and we see ourselves as beautiful inside and out…

That’s why in our lives ,we should give more importance of those who see our strength and beauty in us…We should appreciate them for they are the reflection of our beautiful soul….mypenandsoul

Humility,a Passion

Nothing is ever nicer than a humble person

Whose success never flew out of the mouth

The cultivating humility could be the reason

Of all the blessings from the very start

Everything like future plans in unknowable

It only arises once success becomes noticeable

Nothing is ever nice than a humble person

Whose humility is not only an act but a passion