i can read in red i can read in blue

I can read by myself,I can read with you

I can read on my bed,I can read alone in the street

With shimmering, glimmering lights

On the ground,on grass where I am able to sit

With this book that I’m holding

I  can discover  secret it wants to tell

I  learn many great things from wonderful  stories

for me reading  is  like a magic spell

Photo by Franco Naron

“We are of who we are today because of what we’ve been through”

The only thing that matters is the here and now….so let’s enjoy every thing at the present and thank God that we survived from the history that came before the present….the past is over. …either good or bad memories those events have shaped us….of who we are today….we made mistakes,we repeated the mistakes again….we changed….and we became more stronger…we became better…we evolved….sometimes we’re having difficulty of forgetting and overcoming about what we’ve struggled from the past…like a scar…that we kept on scratching until a wound will reopen again…I guess that’s the most difficult of all…how to get over those without our present being affected…
Yet it’s not the end…it’s the beginning to start everything for us right now from those struggles we have had…keep going….move forward…for we are the luckiest people on earth…for God gave us the opportunity to learn things with Him ..
“We have an option to pursue to let our past affect our lives or we can accept it has happened and allow ourselves to positively grow from it…..
Let bygones be bygones. how amazing you are of overcoming those…keep kickin’ keep inspiring…..

A mother,Her gift is seen as of being strong.

On the glass of her window pane

Are drops of last night’s heaviest rain

From saddest heart from all the pain

Heart that cried once again

Her gift is seen as of being strong

On days that she’s being left alone

To everyone she can be on her own

But when the nights come  she’s lonely

Like a sad song

When you’re around she has the sunshine

When you gaze upon her face things seem fine

Her lips loves giving you the sweetest smile

It curves when your hands wave goodbye

A mother is someone who truly cares

Even on days when  pain she couldn’t bear

Her eyes remains dry when you are there

She shows you her love and 

Happiness  she can share