When we take risk!

We live ,we die

This is how we fly

We take the risk

To follow a bliss

We enjoy life

We deal with strife

We show compassion

Loathe from pure intention

We learn when we try

It may cause a happy or a sad cry 

This is the world where we live

Quitters lose, risk taker achieves

©️mypenandsoul by Eureka Bianzon Robey


When the clouds and trees meet

The beauty of early morning is always rich

It gives us quiescent spirit

It gives us hope that even the sky is easy to reach

Trees hide behind the dense

Silhouette appearance, dazzling  magnificence!

                Heaven drifting cold mist 

Like a loving  mother giving sweet gentle kiss

It gives full of wonder

That visibility is quite hard to discover

The treasures in the forest!

Are the hidden charms beneath the smokiness

©️mypenandsoul by Eureka Bianzon Robey

One Frosty Morning!

I went to discover the trees covered with snow

Its beauty is clear through my very eyes

When I stepped outside  the cold wind blows

Even roses were wrapped with slippery ice

Brittle and crunchy grasses were beneath my feet

The nippy breeze i felt in my skin was so deep

Icicles on the edge of the roofs were hanging

They looked like beautiful crystals , shimmering!

Oh how I love to see white color in surroundings

I feel I’m up high in the clouds flapping my wings!

A brand new start

Applied a Haiku style in this poem. I love to capture the sky during sunrise. It gives me the feeling of refreshment.

Waves of the ocean 

Deliver an exciting show 

The rays from the sun 

Reflects in the water and glow

Shining horizon

The glistens look like diamonds

The sky wrapped in hues

Pink, orange ,purple and  blue

This shimmers my heart

The light gleams the perfect way 

                        A brand new start

                Just brought within me today


Eureka Bianzon Robey

Light of Life

Brand new day, gift of life

Light finds way, see things right

©️ mypenandsoul by Eureka Bianzon Robey

My Serendipity



My sweet time 

Lingering thoughts 

Music to my heart 

Song to my lonely soul 

Solemn imagery of mind 

Piece of heaven which makes me whole 

My serendipity , my comfort 

Deepest  moment when I talk to the Lord 

Complete silence is  all that I need to move  

      My way  to talk to people  who need  them the most 

©️mypenandsoul by Eureka Bianzon Robey

Pink Moon


round pink

Brightens the sky 

With its illuminating



with complete silent

Sound of crickets

Makes it romantic


©️ mypenandsoul by Eureka Bianzon Robey

Grandpa  if you were still alive when I was born,

Grandpa can we talk, i would like to know about my father when he was young

Like what was his favorite toy, and what was his favorite song you sung

My father has told me stories about you, you were an amazing writer back then

Hope I would see some of your works, but I honestly don’t know when

My father said he belonged to a broken family,  because you already had your own

But he said he loves you so dearly, and nothing can ever changed that in his world

My father changed his last names thrice, he said he was confused of what to do

But later he changed it with your last name, because he wanted us to know all about you

Grandpa if you were alive when I was born , where would you bring me?

Would it be in a zoo , where there were many animals to see?

I don’t remember if  I’ve ever been there when I was little

All I knew at home my father raised cats and dogs  that wiggle

Grandpa  if you were still alive when I was born,

I knew that you would be so proud of my father

He established a beautiful family of his own

He raised my siblings and I so well, he dearly loves our  mother

Grandpa, though I did not see you when I was born

And I didn’t get a chance to play with you at all

Know that I’m forever thankful and grateful for you

You know why? My father learned a lesson from his life from you. 

My father makes sure that he will able to talk &  play with our children

He did not want them to long for him ever since

My father is brave because of life you have given him

His faith is strong that Almighty is with him & his family  till the end 

Message to my grandfather, wherever you are right now please guide my father. He needs a father to talk to, a father that will tell him that he is strong. 


Waves in our life are sometimes rough
Dealing with it makes it really tough
It shakes our boat , frighten us to be sinking
Decisions to make from it are overwhelming

We  think the water is too deep!
A place where it would be so hard to breathe
But remember in midst of the storm, Jesus  remained asleep
While disciples were scared  and  very much worried!

He then said “Peace! be still” as he calmed the wind and the sea
He witnessed the loss of faith , His eyes could ever see
Faith is what allows us to be still and stand firm
God is stronger than any waves in life with indomitable winds.

Poem & Video by  Eureka Robey


     Whilst I was folding some clothes just a while ago, I noticed that one of my jackets got some permanent stains on it, the good thing that it was stained inside , of which it won’t be visible when I wear it again.

     Suddenly the messages behind those “STAINS” ran in my mind.     When we talk about stains it can be transmissible, irresistible.

    Humans are good by nature, and I believe that people are really good at heart no matter who they are and where they came from , yet bad behaviors can displace an individual from the sheerness of his heart, and it can be rampant to  ruin his life. Therefore awareness of your own self and correctness of nuisance behavior are necessary to deliver oneself from STAINs and misery.

    Once we mention the word STAIN, our first perception is “UNTIDY”, it doesn’t look good, especially if it gets on one of your favorite shirts or pants and retains such ugly marks, isn’t it disappointing?

    This is why we are being careful enough when we do our laundry; it is in such a way of meticulous task, that we must separate the colored ones, from the white ones, and soak them in a basin of water to check,  because we don’t want them to fade onto the other clothes while washing them.

    There are many things above the earth which we need to consider and understand to avoid stains not only for ourselves but also for the other people. We should think and choose the right decisions in our life and think and foresee about the outcome. And also the “CHOOSE OF WORDS” which is also the most important thing, Think before you talk. Think before you throw such words , for you not to have the regret of putting bad stains in the heart of your fellow men.

    Reflect and think about yourself if you are the “STAIN” at this time, think of the vantage point of secluding yourself from other people and think to repent and correct those dire mistakes you have made. Start a new life and live this life following the purpose given to you by God  ,in the other way around think if you are dealing with people who could be considered as “STAINs” in your life, stay away from them,  so your life will be at the right path and not be misunderstood and no one will ever dare to judge you neither put you down.

©️ mypenandsoul