Grandpa  if you were still alive when I was born,

Grandpa can we talk, i would like to know about my father when he was young

Like what was his favorite toy, and what was his favorite song you sung

My father has told me stories about you, you were an amazing writer back then

Hope I would see some of your works, but I honestly don’t know when

My father said he belonged to a broken family,  because you already had your own

But he said he loves you so dearly, and nothing can ever changed that in his world

My father changed his last names thrice, he said he was confused of what to do

But later he changed it with your last name, because he wanted us to know all about you

Grandpa if you were alive when I was born , where would you bring me?

Would it be in a zoo , where there were many animals to see?

I don’t remember if  I’ve ever been there when I was little

All I knew at home my father raised cats and dogs  that wiggle

Grandpa  if you were still alive when I was born,

I knew that you would be so proud of my father

He established a beautiful family of his own

He raised my siblings and I so well, he dearly loves our  mother

Grandpa, though I did not see you when I was born

And I didn’t get a chance to play with you at all

Know that I’m forever thankful and grateful for you

You know why? My father learned a lesson from his life from you. 

My father makes sure that he will able to talk &  play with our children

He did not want them to long for him ever since

My father is brave because of life you have given him

His faith is strong that Almighty is with him & his family  till the end 

Message to my grandfather, wherever you are right now please guide my father. He needs a father to talk to, a father that will tell him that he is strong. 

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