One Frosty Morning!

I went to discover the trees covered with snow

Its beauty is clear through my very eyes

When I stepped outside  the cold wind blows

Even roses were wrapped with slippery ice

Brittle and crunchy grasses were beneath my feet

The nippy breeze i felt in my skin was so deep

Icicles on the edge of the roofs were hanging

They looked like beautiful crystals , shimmering!

Oh how I love to see white color in surroundings

I feel I’m up high in the clouds flapping my wings!

A brand new start

Applied a Haiku style in this poem. I love to capture the sky during sunrise. It gives me the feeling of refreshment.

Waves of the ocean 

Deliver an exciting show 

The rays from the sun 

Reflects in the water and glow

Shining horizon

The glistens look like diamonds

The sky wrapped in hues

Pink, orange ,purple and  blue

This shimmers my heart

The light gleams the perfect way 

                        A brand new start

                Just brought within me today


Eureka Bianzon Robey

Light of Life

Brand new day, gift of life

Light finds way, see things right

©️ mypenandsoul by Eureka Bianzon Robey

My Serendipity



My sweet time 

Lingering thoughts 

Music to my heart 

Song to my lonely soul 

Solemn imagery of mind 

Piece of heaven which makes me whole 

My serendipity , my comfort 

Deepest  moment when I talk to the Lord 

Complete silence is  all that I need to move  

      My way  to talk to people  who need  them the most 

©️mypenandsoul by Eureka Bianzon Robey

Pink Moon


round pink

Brightens the sky 

With its illuminating



with complete silent

Sound of crickets

Makes it romantic


©️ mypenandsoul by Eureka Bianzon Robey