“My father despite of Illness”

This is a poem my heart wouldn’t want to keep

I will let my heart command my mind to write

A message for my father that makes my eyes weep

A loving soul a year ago ,almost died

I want to tell him , how much I love him so

That my spirit would break if I see him go

He is the love of my life , my best friend

A father  who would give me everything 

Til the end

How I wish his normal life will get back again

Face full of laughter , and freed from pain

I knew  what he feels about I can’t explain

All I know he wants my happiness to remain

A Father ,will always be a father despite of Illness

Only what He cares about  is my own happiness

A father will show all the smiles he could ever give

Though his heart is breaking , a normal life he can’t live

Tonight I hope He will at look at the stars and pray

Feel that thru God there is a surprise that awaits

May encouragement  remains in his heart each day

May Faith restore in his Spirit to  keep his weariness away 

Picture of my father and I when we went to Catanduanes ,Philippines. 2017


Pain has something in itself
It’s like dust in ambiguous road
It throws the sunshine even the laugh
And it turns the warm into cold

It’s a kind of the saddest music
that lasts for days
Strikes in the heart and nimbles in the soul
I guess it is the bitterest wine we
could ever taste
Makes us kneeled to the ground
in its lonely world

It makes the spirit hard to entrench
The quiescence of the heart and soul
‘Till the morning guest will set
Still the poignancy remains at all

Pain a feeling which makes us frown
Realm of hopeless soul on the ground
Never let this four letter word put you down
You’re much stronger than its saddest sound

Poem & artwork ©️ EurekaRobey

“Give heart a moment of peace”

Count the stars that shines

Is one way to feel fine

Know positive thoughts diverts

Forget words you heard that hurts

Do what makes you happy

Enjoy your day today

Tomorrow is not promised

Make moments to be cherished

Respect people around

Compliments  are sweet, gentle  sound

Vain has worthless value

It turns the world against you

Share the gift from Above

Pour raindrops of care and love

Give heart moment of peace

Talk to God while on your knees


Our hearts is our forever home

There are no gray skies  to our world 

Nor the presence of a breaking cord 

We are together  from a distance 

Our hearts speak with a sweet cadence 

Here we live our lives with love and grace  

Respect each other,  flaws we embrace

We are part of  life’s forever dream

Be together , whatever time may bring

Our hearts is our forever home 

And our home is in each other’s hearts

We may be apart but not alone

We are family that  never part

©️eureka robey

We were each other’s joy, now each other’s tears

Drew this picture ,a man embracing his wife with terminal illness.

Vivid memories quickly precedes in my mind

When our disembodied souls found each other

That time my heart was hunger with illuminating light

Then you took the first step, and make me 

Shine forever

We fell in love , we dwell with ecstasy

We flew like doves , we live in a fantasy

You made me feel so loved , you’re all that I see

In your world you made me the best that I can be

Yet here, those splendorous moments end

I’ll be closing my eyes to continue my dream

This is the time which is so hard to understand

We were each other’s joy, now each other’s tears

How come this darkness is driven?

Why can’t I stay with you till the end?

I’m in sea of despair,my heart is broken

For I  won’t be there,  to help your soul to mend

It’s in your world  where I belong

Why does our story need to end with a sad song?

I’m in pain that you’ll embrace this agony of sorrow

I’m in pain that I won’t be there when

you wake up tomorrow


“That day was my best time to go”

It  was my time to say goodbye to all

Moment I’d been waiting as I recall 

Please do not be lonely nor feel empty

My heart is at peace that now I am free 

Sorry If  I didn’t wait for your presence 

I wanted that you would  be  with your friends 

Perhaps that day was my best time to go

I didn’t feel your tears falling from sorrow

Now I do not  want you to grieve for me

I want you to live life  and be happy

I’d been blessed with friends and family

I laughed, cared and loved most importantly

Tonight I know you’re praying for my soul

Farewell is not easy, please remain whole

I wish you a sky filled with huge rainbow

And sunshine when you wake up tomorrow


“Trust in the Lord with all your heart “

It was an afternoon in the mid summer time
The bright beautiful sky turned gray
The lightning showed like yellow lines
It was so frightening from far away

My friend, my mom, and I were in a car
Crossing a bridge , the destination was quite far
Suddenly the water from the sky poured
The wiper was broken, it was so hard
to see

My friend was the one driving, I was right
next to her
Behind my seat was my mom started singing
I’m glad she was there
The  road was blurry,
The rain was heavy

I took an umbrella , then sat to
the driver’s left side
I tried my best to wipe the window
with quick sweeping glide
It was a dreamy event, a threatening one
Yet my mom kept singing, worriness
in her face was none

My mom then said , don’t be afraid ,sing with me
We sang ” The Lord’s Prayer” repeatedly
The ominous clouds got brightened
I looked at the sky and said “Lord, Amen”

That day I learned my faith was weak 
Thinking It could have been our last day
And the  long bridge was steep,
The car could be washed away

When we got home, my mom then said
“When things is out of control, don’t act in haste”
“Trust in the Lord with all your heart my dear”
“Live your life with Him without any fear “

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart”
Poem based on my real life experience with my mom.

“Music was her life”

I remember when I was in highschool

I met this woman who was so cool

She loved music, she played the piano

She encouraged me , she taught me too

Years had passed, her sickness had gotten


She had a lung cancer , she was a bedridden

for her it was a curse

When we met I brought a keyboard with me

Her eyes were in gleam from  ecstasy

When she placed her hands on the piano keys 

She then started humming like bees

She was playing it  with full emotion

Seemed all her sufferings were gone

That day music brought her in the past

Cast away her bad dreams with aghast

Night came she asked me, 

Do you like to play?

I responded ,” I don’t know how Tita Weng”

Days went by she did not waste her time

She tried her very best for me to play fine

Yes I finally learned from her patience 

She lived her life with full of essence

I reached in college, one day l I bought her


She was laying on her bed , but did not want

To take a rest

She did not want to eat , nor take her


But she allowed me to do all these 

for she knew I was so concerned

I did not know that night was her last night

I stayed with her , and played the piano

with her sight

Her last words ” Thank you for taking care 

of me like my own child”

Please tell my daughter  ” I love her too,

& all my life  I wished to be here by my side, like you do. 

©️ eurekarobey mypenandsoul author

I called her Tita Weng , her name was Rowena in real life. When I met her in their humbled home she had terminal lung cancer. She did not get a chance to  spend time with her daughter ( It was a long story) 

Music she said made her live longer than she thought.  I will never forget the skills she taught me. As long as I can play she will still live within me. I love you Tita Weng, Happy Mother’s day in Heaven

“Tomorrow may never come”

Early morning I walked by the shore

Sat and was waiting for the sun that I adore

Suddenly a woman with head covering


She approached me and I was 


She then asked me ” are you waiting

for the sunrise”

I then said ” yes ma’am this will be my

Third time. 

She said ” I noticed you were here 

almost every day”

I responded yes ma’am I’ve seen you

This early too one day.

I asked her , ma’am how are you 

feeling about seeing the sunrise today?

She said “excited, because 

tomorrow it may never come”

I have cancer, I have few months or a year

to live

I want to spend my time enjoying 

the beautiful sun…

I paused for a moment , my heart

was broken

I felt her ,my  eyes in tears were sunken

She then said ” Dear you have

a kind heart, but please don’t 

feel pity on me.

I want you to tell stories so

Stay a moment with me.

I showed her the photos of the sun

I took

Nothing couldn’t be happier as the 

Way she looked.

She taught me to enjoy the present

which is Now

Life is not a promise , We all

Going to be there somehow

©️eurekarobey mypenandsoul author

This was my conversation to a person I met at the beach years ago. 



Click to the left , click to the right

Let myself be beautiful to their sight

Oh I look like Eighteen 

I see my flawless skin

Oh my jaws and arms are wide

Here clicking the  shrinking side

Oops what about parts that sag

Here’s the  enhancing guide

Let my friends see my beauty

This is how I want myself to be

I want to look different

Likes👍 I gain will be more than ten

It  promises to deliver modelesque look

Making us look somehow like youth

Ain’t it the coolest thing ever

I appear perfect no one would wonder

I have coolest friends I’ve never seen

They see me as their beautiful queen

For them I forever look like teen

Yet it’s only through their phone screen

Being praised makes me happy

But then I’m afraid to show up myself

Shall I keep this augmented reality

Or embrace all flaws that I have ?

I want to be accepted without 

changing things

I want to be loved the way I am

But the filter makes my image stunning!

It’s gives them  a dash of glam

But it’s not me , “the real me”

I live my life in twisted reality

I want to show this heart within me

A beautiful person despite of


©️ eurekarobey , mypenandsoul author