“Tomorrow may never come”

Early morning, I walked by the shore

Sat and was waiting for the sun that I adore

Suddenly a woman with a head covering appeared

She approached me and I was thrilled

She then asked me” are you waiting for the sunrise?”

I then said” yes ma’am this will be my third time. 

She said” I noticed you were here almost every day”

I responded yes ma’am

 I’ve seen you this early too one day.

I asked her,

“Ma’am, how are you feeling about seeing the sunrise today?

She spoke

 “Excited, because tomorrow it may never come”

I have cancer, I have a few months or a year to live

I want to spend my time enjoying 

the beautiful sun…

 I paused for a moment, my heart was broken

I felt her, my eyes in tears were sunken

She then said

” Dear you have a kind heart, but please don’t feel pity for me.

I want you to tell stories so stay a moment with me.

I showed her the photos of the sun I took

Nothing couldn’t be happier than the way she looked.

She taught me to enjoy the present which is Now

Life is not a promise

 We all are going to be there somehow

©️eurekarobey mypenandsoul author

This was my conversation to a person I met at the beach years ago. 


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