“Trust in the Lord with all your heart “

 Trust in the Lord with all your heart

It was an afternoon in the mid-summertime

The bright beautiful sky turned gray

The lightning showed like yellow lines

It was so frightening from far away

My friend, my mom, and I were in a car

Crossing a bridge, the destination was quite far

Suddenly the water from the sky poured heavily

The wiper was broken, it was so hard to see

My friend was the one driving,

 I was right next to her

Behind my seat was my mom started singing

I’m glad she was there

The road was blurry, the rain was heavy

I took an umbrella, then sat to the driver’s left side

I tried my best to wipe the window

with quick sweeping glide

It was a dreamy event, a threatening one

Yet my mom kept singing, worries

in her face was none

My mom then said, don’t be afraid, sing with me

We sang” The Lord’s Prayer” repeatedly

The ominous clouds got brightened

I looked at the sky and said “Lord, Amen”

That day I learned my faith was weak 

Thinking it could have been our last day

And the long bridge was steep,

The car could be washed away

When we got home, my mom then said

“When things are out of control, don’t act in haste”

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart my dear”

eureka robey

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