We were each other’s joy, now each other’s tears

Drew this picture ,a man embracing his wife with terminal illness.

Vivid memories quickly precedes in my mind

When our disembodied souls found each other

That time my heart was hunger with illuminating light

Then you took the first step, and make me 

Shine forever

We fell in love , we dwell with ecstasy

We flew like doves , we live in a fantasy

You made me feel so loved , you’re all that I see

In your world you made me the best that I can be

Yet here, those splendorous moments end

I’ll be closing my eyes to continue my dream

This is the time which is so hard to understand

We were each other’s joy, now each other’s tears

How come this darkness is driven?

Why can’t I stay with you till the end?

I’m in sea of despair,my heart is broken

For I  won’t be there,  to help your soul to mend

It’s in your world  where I belong

Why does our story need to end with a sad song?

I’m in pain that you’ll embrace this agony of sorrow

I’m in pain that I won’t be there when

you wake up tomorrow


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