“My father despite of Illness”

This is a poem my heart wouldn’t want to keep

I will let my heart command my mind to write

A message for my father that makes my eyes weep

A loving soul a year ago ,almost died

I want to tell him , how much I love him so

That my spirit would break if I see him go

He is the love of my life , my best friend

A father  who would give me everything 

Til the end

How I wish his normal life will get back again

Face full of laughter , and freed from pain

I knew  what he feels about I can’t explain

All I know he wants my happiness to remain

A Father ,will always be a father despite of Illness

Only what He cares about  is my own happiness

A father will show all the smiles he could ever give

Though his heart is breaking , a normal life he can’t live

Tonight I hope He will at look at the stars and pray

Feel that thru God there is a surprise that awaits

May encouragement  remains in his heart each day

May Faith restore in his Spirit to  keep his weariness away 

Picture of my father and I when we went to Catanduanes ,Philippines. 2017

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