In our daughter’s eyes I see a Wonderful You

From the day I met you

In my heart I knew you were the one

I didn’t have a doubt if it’s true

All I knew in my life you’re my sun

Poems are not enough as I can see

To express how much you mean to me

How much I adore your whole being

A loving man,to me is very caring

I love my life 7 years being with you

You’ve taught me things that I thought

I couldn’t do

Your love makes me feel a great 

person than I am

I feel so loved from embrace between

Your arms

How lucky I am to have a loving husband

Like you

Been blessed by God , now I have two

When I look at our daughter, I see you

In her eyes I see your reflection, a

Wonderful You. 

“My Love Zach”

“My Love Zach”
( poem I wrote for my husband Zach )
In Quintuple Tetractys

Love Zach
My darling
You touched my life
You embrace my being completely
Your heart loves me unconditionally
You are my song
Gave me
A daughter
As sweet as you
As wonderful as you my beloved
Both are best gifts that I’ve ever received
I’m forever
Thanking God
For You
Things About You
You are the only one who gets me through
You have made all of my dreams to come true
Best Spouse
A loving
My life
My courage
My everything
And without you, I don’t know where I’d be
You fulfill my life , every part of me
This father’s day
Let me say
Thank you
With you
I’m thankful
Being your wife
Your patience strengthens our family
Your love is what I always feel inside
You’re my pure bliss
My heart’s peace
My Love


Happy Father’s Day, our daughter Trinity is very blessed that you are her father , who loves her so dearly.

Papa,I love you

My words for you bid my eyes to weep 

A  message  that I would not want to keep  

I’ll let my heart command what it wants to write 

When about a year ago you  almost died 

I want to tell you , that I love you so 

My heart would fall apart if I see you go

You delved love in my life , you’re my best friend 

You’d  do everything for my heartaches to mend

I pray your bright world will come back again  

Face full of laughter , and body freed from pain 

I knew  what you feel about I can’t explain 

All I know you want my gladness to remain 

Your role never ceased despite of Illness 

Only you care about  is my own happiness 

You show all the smiles you’d ever give 

Aching heart you hide,  normal life you can’t live 

You profoundly modified my blessed life

Your love is very near ,though you’re far from my sight

Thank you for valuable lessons you’ve taught me

I’m the woman  now, you wanted me to be

Each night I look at the stars ,I pray 

“That you seek God’s guidance in every way”

May encouragement  remains in you each day

May your deepest faith keeps your burdens away 

Papa , I love you in more ways than one

May you always see the glaring rays from sun

I’ll care for you no matter what life gives

Be with you, as  you did since I was a kid.


Glimpse of Time

My very first Tetractys Poem

“Glimpse of Time”
Poem & Art by ©️eurekarobey

Came home
By myself
In mournful night
Thinking all about you my dearest friend
I was summoned by your reminiscence
The joy you brought
When you laugh
Left me
In longing thoughts
I keep hearing your gentle voice of grace
My eyes closed, thinking you’re in better place
Hope I have sought
Never you’re near
Tears shed
In dream
I pictured
Of losing you
It’s like lightning that sparked and vanished
Spark that brightened my life , I’d cherished
Now that you’re gone
Glimpse of time

Paalam Tiya

Walang katumbas ang kalungkutang nadarama

Kapag ang mahal sa buhay ay biglang nawala

Walang paalam na masasambit para sa isa’t isa

Ang mga maiiwan na lamang ay masasayang 

ala ala

Mga ngiti na sumasalubong sa kanyang mga mata

May mga kwentong hindi makakalimutan kahit kailan

Mga pagyakap at halik sa pisngi na nagmula

sa kanya

Katumbas ng bawat sandali na puno ng 


Isang tiyahin na mapagmahal,isang tiyahin

Na mapag -aruga

Minahal ng lahat, lalo ng kanyang mga anak

At asawa

Isang tiyahin na palangiti at malumanay

Sa kalooban ay  may busilak na taglay

Siya’y kapiling na ng May Lumikha

Hindi malilimutan ang  bawat gunita

Sa atin siya ay may magandang paksa

Paalam Tiya , mahal ka namin

Hanggang sa ating muling pagkikita


I’ve found an Angel & a Friend

You’re voice sent from heaven caress my soul

I did not expect an Angel in my life will ever show 

I smile when you have me listen to your music

In my mind I find this moment  just so sweet

Each time I’m  by myself  in place so serene

Your music brings me to world I’ve never been

I can’t explain this happiness deep within

Thank You,in you I’ve found an Angel & a friend


I want to dance in the rain

I want to dance in the rain like flowers in the garden

To feel the flowing grace coming down from heaven

I want to dance in the rain, so no one sees me cry

And it’ll surely wipe away the tears from my eyes

I want to dance in the rain and feel the puddle  in my feet

While the music from thunder gives me the continuous beats

I’ll jump up high, turn around ,make my steps  heedlessly

I’ll sway away the sadness deep inside of me

I want to dance in the rain, to discover how it feels

After the unremitting pain, will it make my heart heal?

Then I might  know when soon I will  try

While dancing in the rain,  from pain  will I say Goodbye?

Grandma in my heart you’re always near

Candle lit , placed on a pillar holder

Clear glass filled with beautiful flowers

Flame start melting the white candle

Losing a loved one is tough to handle

A special person, remains in my heart

Though   long years we’d been apart

Stories about her were told by my dad

These would always make me feel glad

Her beautiful face I will always remember

Her voice from a far I will always hear 

Her memories will be cherished forever

Grandma , in my heart you’re always near


I pray grandma ,you’ll appear in my dream

At the hospital they said 

your failure to survive

My hope is within me ,

that Miracle will keep you alive

All of mixed emotions

 brought conclusion

 to put your body to rest

Your breathing was affecting

 the heart underneath 

your fragile chest

My heart is shattered ,

now  you’re gone

Many plans I have for you 

will be left undone

Tears are flowing 

down to my knees

Ambiguous sorrow ,

Why could this be? 

You’re my only grandparent

 I had left

Not seeing you 

was my biggest regret

Grandma I pray,

God will whisper to you

How much I had longed

 and  loved you

I’m sorry Grandma,

 I know you understand

Why I couldn’t be there

 to reach your hands

Please guide my father, 

your eldest son

May He find strength

 and heal in time.

I pray tonight Grandma

 you’ll appear in my dream

So I can tell you what’s in my heart

I want to see you in place

So serene

Dancing will angels,

Singing with your heart

We  love you mommy,thank you

for everything you’ve done

Please guide your children

&  all of us your grandkids

 up from heaven

And through your

 wonderful memories 

Please help our 

longing hearts to mend