“THOUGHTS ON MOTHER’S DAY” by Maria Evelyn Quilla-Soleta (Featured Inspiring Poet)

I wouldn’t have known the pains and joys of having children

Until I became a mother myself.

I marveled at each girl’s step.

Her first word.

The first prayer uttered with much difficulty

And all the other ‘firsts’ that followed.

Who would not remember the endless and silly questions asked out of nowhere,

Or the countless times I was given and told, “Mommy, flowers for you.”

Usually, these colorful flowers were picked on the chapel’s grounds

And were given after Sunday meetings.

I can  still picture each girl running to me with flowers in her hand.

Then I would melt with happiness.

(And after returning each girl’s kiss,

I would look towards heaven and thanked God,

Imploring that these misses would remain the cute little imps forever).


With each new day a revelation comes to me.

I am a mother, so close to God.

I am His instrument in many ways

(Like my own mother, Felicitas, was, to me).

I must develop


Unconditional love.

Hope, Purity, Faith, Strength.

Above all else, Love of God.

As I build my girls’ characters

I, too, must build mine.

That someday when I face my Maker

I will truly account to Him His children

Who were once mine.

Deep in my heart I pray

That each girl will fondly remember

That once on earth

I was Maria Evelyn, their goodly mother.

Our Featured Inspiring Poetess Ms Maria Evelyn’s Message to our readers

‘Hibiscus’ is another name for gumamela flower.  If I were a flower, I would be a gumamela.  This flambouyant flower comes in different varieties and in lovely colors of red, yellow, pink, white, and even purple.  Known as the ‘wilting flower’, a gumamela only lasts for a day, then it closes and curls and falls off.Nonetheless, it blooms all year around.  Wouldn’t it be gladsome to have fresh flowers every day on the table, bringing sweet fragrance and haunting the senses?  I Find My Heart in writing poetry.  This thankful heart that is seen in the eyes of my dear ones, this praying heart that is listened to be my Heavenly Father, this gleeful heart prancing with the rushing waves or musing at the vast moonless skies.  All these, and many more in Evelyn’s world of poetry!

“Life’s Purpose” by DimpsKzie( Featured Inspiring Poet)

From womb till birth we’ve started our journey,
Nursing by a mother in a caring and loving way,
As we grow bigger from day to month and year,
We learn to crawl, stand, and walked on our own.

As we continue growing into adulthood,
We confront stormy battles that we fought,
Sometimes in the pains of failures we succumb,
But we learned that giving up is not a good option to have.

Of life’s experiences that brought adversities,
We find love as assurance in certain uncertainties,
And through its character, we blossom our understanding,
That we cannot live without our true purpose in the world we’re living.

Our experiences shaped us as we continue the journey,
From brokenness, we’ve learned to pick up ourselves piece by piece,
And when the universe decides its time for us to rise,
No one can stop it even the heaviest hurdles in the sight.

As we found ourselves worthwhile,
Only then we realized that we were truly alive,
In prosperity and happiness, we share the bliss,
The way our Creator molded us to serve our purpose-driven life.

We are the masters of our fate to live in harmony,
We are given free will to designed our life to become worthy.


Hi! My name is Glenda, known by my pen name DimpsKzie.

I'm a mother of three and grandmother of two beautiful kids. I like to pen what's in my heart, how I feel and immortalize it through poem as I drew my inspiration from everyday living and happenings around me.

To all readers, thanks so much for reading our works here at mypenandsoul.com. It makes our heart swell in inspiration for wonderful comments you leave here. It makes us want to write more.

To the lovely, Ms. Eureka, again, from my heart, thank you for featuring me here on your website.
More power!

IMPERFECTLY BEAUTIFUL by Dexter Amoroso ( Featured Inspiring Poet)

I saw this plant
days ago
at our condo compound,
when we went through the other gate
to go to the national library.
Large pot of plant that has been cracked.
Only about half is left.
The crack was divided into three parts.
in pain,
and suffering.
I don’t know
if t’was hit by a car,
or broken by pressure
from plant growth which is outward.
The pot reached its breaking point.
But when I passed by today,
I saw that the broken pot had been repaired
and there is unmistaken beauty
in its irregularness
that warms my heart.
There is beauty in our mess,
in our pain,
in our suffering,
and in our transition
from where we are
to where we want to be,
and even more importantly,
who we are
and who we want to be
So unpretentious.
So earthy.
So simple


ANG PANGALAN AY EUREKA by Nel Cruz ( Featured Poet)

Ano pa bang masasabi
Lahat yata’y nabanggit na
Ang papuri’y di na sapat
Sa sipag at galing niya

Pasintabi kay Ma’m Helen
At kapwa Poets in Blossoms
Sa ganda ni Ma’m Eureka
Hindi ako mahinahon

Ang tunay na halimbawa
Ng halina at talino
At pagiging malikhain
Na sa atin ay nagkuwadro

Hindi nga ba sa’ting lahat
Parang siya ang nagtrono
Ang matyagang nagdisenyo
Para tayo ay gumwapo

Kaya nga’t kay Miss Eureka
Na kay bongga ng pangalan
Pasalamat ang marapat
Kasaliw ng yumi’t yaman.


Nel Cruz , isang panunulat ng Tula , na miyembro ding Filipino Poets in Blossoms

Paano ko ba naman mapasasalamatan

Ang napakagandang tulang inilimbag

Araw ko’y napunan ng ngiti t kasiyahan

Apresasyon na mula sa puso ang hatag

“Her inner beauty”

A graceful expression her eyes possessed
A book of victory from her life’s quest
A smile despite a heart beneath unrest
A sage being full of love and sweet caress

Nobody knows what her wrinkles meant
In the eyes of God she was a heavenly sent
A face full of love , a heart with pure intent
Who nurtures , who raised well the innocents

Her charm may fade but not her inner beauty
Day after day her being is renewed inwardly
Contentment she has as she fulfilled her duty
A true reflection of beauty from being worthy


F ilipinos united with one spirit to share
I nks to remind each one the wisdom they bear
L ove of Poetry that binds one and all
I nspirations shared, forever to be recalled
P assion this is what FPB home is about
I n time its love will spread throughout
N umbers of muse will increase without doubt
O nly here in FPB we love from North to South

P inoys we call ourselves
O ur pride once pulled from a shelf
E ach has its own uniqueness and styles
T hus once combined will leave you a big sigh!
S imply because it also leaves you a huge smile

I nkers combined with passion
N oblest instinct is beyond imagination

B ig hearted poets live here
L onely hearts we would love to hear
O ppressed self , we wished to be freed
S omeday we will engrave in each hearts
S ensational home we could ever impart
O ur Filipino Poets in Blossoms our home
M ajestic place, we can call our own!
S oar high! May our purpose be known


To our very caring Mommy,

We couldn’t blame you why you left us

All we knew you were a best mom of cats

You rescued us when we were kittens

You treated us your first babies, your twins

You were saddened months before you said goodbye

Tears shed, every night from your  desperate cry

We knew it was heartbreaking  for you

But mom we understand more than anyone

could do

You were the best, you gave us bath twice a


Blew our hair dry, as if were playing hide and


We were the cleanest cats your friends would


We were spoiled , even celebrated our birthdays

You did not mind if we slept on your bed

But we loved on our belly you place your head

We knew how much you missed us, don’t be sad 

Raise a new rescue kitten, that will make us glad

Sorry for the trouble we have caused you

When we were kittens we tore things to pieces

When we got bigger we fought in front you

You were so patient ,all we got were kisses

We missed you , since the time you left

Mommy, Charry and I love you so much!

Please Promise you to take care of yourself

So, time will come, if we’re still alive

You’ll get to visit us.

Love your pearly white Chummy 

My heart feels the heaven

Voluminous  sponges blazing with fantabulous colors

Fascinating view that I could see from my windows

It truly amazes me how I’m able to reach them

Is it stunning like this, when I go up there in  heaven?

Stories behind their  thickness are often with light

Yet when bask with darkness was it from a 

dreadful night?

How will I know when to reach these beautiful clouds?

Is it when I want to be far from the waves of the crowd?

I am surely loving my wonderful time here

My serendipity in silence is all I want to hear

What I always seek are moments like these

My heart feels the heaven from God’s masterpiece


You are an amazing human

Things may not be the same as how you want them to be

People may have different opinions about what they see

Life doesn’t stop to defend of what’s the reality

In everyday life we can not please the majority

Look at yourself in the mirror, You are an amazing human

Your life is beyond splendour , it’s  full of fun

Never be discouraged with words coming from men

The only one to be pleased is Up there in heaven

Some may reject things that you do

That’s alright! at least you knew you tried the best in you

Not everyone  has the same preference, yes it’s true

Just remember to  work genuinely as you want to.

You are an amazing human, let me remind you again

Just be yourself,  to be happy you don’t need to pretend

Life is short to worry about who we can pleased

Pursue your passion , do the things you love at ease 

©️eurekarobey , my-pen-and-soul.com

Munting Kaibigan

Aking kaibigang hindi makapagsalita

Sunod ng sunod lamang saan man ako magpunta

Tila anino na sa umaga , unan sa gabi

Minamahal na hindi umalis sa aking tabi

Aking karamay sa kalungkutan

Kalaro sa bawat araw ng kasiyahan

Kasama sa hapag kainan

Kaibigang mahigit pa ang pinagsamahan

Sa bawat araw na dumarating

Kanyang lakas ay nauupos parang  dahong

Tuyo na umaalpas sa hangin

Nararamdaman hindi niya kayang sambitin

Kundi pagtitig lamang kung may dinaraing

Ngunit tuloy lang ang aming pakikibaka

Hindi dama kung dito sa mundo ay kami

Lang dalawa

Minsan ang katahimikan ang siyang

Tunay na nadarama

Sapagka’t ang naguusap ay ang puso

Ng bawat isa

Paglipas  ng taon ako’y nagkaedad na

Siya naman hayun kahit sa hagdanan 

Hindi na makababa

Bilang lang ang mga hakbang ,kaawa awa

Nagsasabing sa aking buhay ako’y pagod na

Dumating na ang araw na nais na niyang


Aking mata’y kanyang tinitigan tila 

Ayaw magpaiwan

Yakap ang aking ibinigay sa aking mahal na kaibigan

Ako’y hindi iniwan hanggang sa kanyang 



How I start my day

I love to start my morning with a silent prayer,

Seeking God’s guidance makes me feel  better

For  the air I breathe, the songs of birds I love to hear 

His love surrounds me,  and  freed me from fear

I love to start my day with the smell of fresh 

Brewed coffee

Its  aroma  flutters my heart when it gets closer to me 

A sip that warms my lips ,  lifts my mood

It  fills my mouth easily , for the taste is so good

Oh I love  the smell of fresh cut grass and flowers in the farm

The vast sky that shows beautiful colors and charms

When combined with light ,it gives the

embrace from open arms