IMPERFECTLY BEAUTIFUL by Dexter Amoroso ( Featured Inspiring Poet)

I saw this plant
days ago
at our condo compound,
when we went through the other gate
to go to the national library.
Large pot of plant that has been cracked.
Only about half is left.
The crack was divided into three parts.
in pain,
and suffering.
I don’t know
if t’was hit by a car,
or broken by pressure
from plant growth which is outward.
The pot reached its breaking point.
But when I passed by today,
I saw that the broken pot had been repaired
and there is unmistaken beauty
in its irregularness
that warms my heart.
There is beauty in our mess,
in our pain,
in our suffering,
and in our transition
from where we are
to where we want to be,
and even more importantly,
who we are
and who we want to be
So unpretentious.
So earthy.
So simple


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