“THOUGHTS ON MOTHER’S DAY” by Maria Evelyn Quilla-Soleta (Featured Inspiring Poet)

I wouldn’t have known the pains and joys of having children

Until I became a mother myself.

I marveled at each girl’s step.

Her first word.

The first prayer uttered with much difficulty

And all the other ‘firsts’ that followed.

Who would not remember the endless and silly questions asked out of nowhere,

Or the countless times I was given and told, “Mommy, flowers for you.”

Usually, these colorful flowers were picked on the chapel’s grounds

And were given after Sunday meetings.

I can  still picture each girl running to me with flowers in her hand.

Then I would melt with happiness.

(And after returning each girl’s kiss,

I would look towards heaven and thanked God,

Imploring that these misses would remain the cute little imps forever).


With each new day a revelation comes to me.

I am a mother, so close to God.

I am His instrument in many ways

(Like my own mother, Felicitas, was, to me).

I must develop


Unconditional love.

Hope, Purity, Faith, Strength.

Above all else, Love of God.

As I build my girls’ characters

I, too, must build mine.

That someday when I face my Maker

I will truly account to Him His children

Who were once mine.

Deep in my heart I pray

That each girl will fondly remember

That once on earth

I was Maria Evelyn, their goodly mother.

Our Featured Inspiring Poetess Ms Maria Evelyn’s Message to our readers

‘Hibiscus’ is another name for gumamela flower.  If I were a flower, I would be a gumamela.  This flambouyant flower comes in different varieties and in lovely colors of red, yellow, pink, white, and even purple.  Known as the ‘wilting flower’, a gumamela only lasts for a day, then it closes and curls and falls off.Nonetheless, it blooms all year around.  Wouldn’t it be gladsome to have fresh flowers every day on the table, bringing sweet fragrance and haunting the senses?  I Find My Heart in writing poetry.  This thankful heart that is seen in the eyes of my dear ones, this praying heart that is listened to be my Heavenly Father, this gleeful heart prancing with the rushing waves or musing at the vast moonless skies.  All these, and many more in Evelyn’s world of poetry!

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