“ I wish time can be restored” 

Precious gems my grandmother once owned

Stories behind to me seemingly left unknown

I live my life for years without her by my side

Yet she did not miss to give me things I’d surely like

I remember my childhood years ,I wrote her  letters

Brought me tears knowing she  kept them til the latter

Longing for my grandma is a heartache in my heart

How I did not find ways To reach her when we’re  apart

After long years I received treasures she cherished

Her favorite jewelries which sparkles did not vanish

Yes! Truly this longing is not so easy to bear

Especially when I held these treasures from her

I see time like plain sands at the shore

Vanishes repeatedly when being roiled 

In my mind how I wish time can be restored

Time I missed to reach my loved ones in this world


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