EXOTIC BLEND by Leah Dancel

I would like to share this beautiful poem for me from Poetess I admire 


Supple and youthful look,
a blend of beauty and brain.
A fine gem found beneath the earth
An angelic lustre in firmament illumines.

Soft and sweet –
a sculpt chiselled chin contour;
A rosy countenance of love
and compassion.
The doe eyed endowment speaks
of passion
A subtle glow of a gentle soul allure.

They must have touched
a multitude
of human hearts.
That breadth of wisdom,
a temple of sense and judgement;
Let alone a niche of acumen and discernment –
Helping the needy with heart, mind and soul.

In service dedicated
and true to a calling;
As thousand words unspoken by pursed lips too dainty to utter.

First and foremost, a woman
Then a wife to a man;
A daughter to a mother –
a mother to a daughter.

A friend to lean on,
a devoted servant to all.

With beauty enthralling,
An epitome of exotic blend.

©Leah C. Dancel
All rights reserved
September 6, 2021
Attributed to Eureka Cambonga Bianzon Robey
FPB Friends Poetry

Photo credit to Eureka.

My photo she attached with her beaufiful poem

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