Four Seasons( An Acrostic Poem)

W_inter breeze , chills comes my way
I_ndoor activities are pleasurable to let me stay
N_ights are approaching  real fast
T_ime of the day is about to end, so quick to last
E_ars so cold,in a cover  my body is ready to rest
R_adio’s fine ,but  hot chocolate will do the best

S_pring is here , I can  see it coming
P_etals of flowers start blooming
R_ain makes me dance ,tapping my boots
I_n celebration of not wearing my heavy suits
N_ow I can see the trees, surrounding so green
G_rasses and birds singing are best sign of spring

S_ummer is time to have so much fun
U_nder the brightness of glorious sun
M_ore outdoor activities we can do
M_orning stays longer for me and you
E_ven the sky stays brilliant with shades of blue
R_eading by the beach will be a fun thing to do

A_ll of the said seasons makes me feel excited
N_ights and days are  wonderfully exhibited
D_ry leaves are now approaching my way

F_all season is here , my favorite part of every day
A_s I turn around falling leaves touch my hair
L_ots of fruits harvested, pumpkins are everywhere
L_ovely time to spend outside to feel the cool mist of        
     the air. ©️

Let’s Grow Together by Wilfred Ntui (My Pen & Soul Featured Poet)

I’m a human not by color

Nor race but by my thinking

Capability, this unique feature

Is only seen in humans, animals

Are excepted.

I’m an African not by intention

Nor choice but by God’s wisdom

That surpasses cardinal analysis.

I’m a Nigerian not by awareness

Nor signatory but by mystery of the

Womb designed from above to

Fulfill a task undone.

Don’t judge me by what

My nationality is known for,

But rather by what you noticed

About me with fairness, good

Conscience and moral virtue.

The mystery is unknown to all

But the fact remains that we all

Makeup the world, yes!

I mean

Me and you, because the world has

None but me and you.

Let’s strive for peace, unity

And progress for with these

We can make the world a better

Place for all.

©️ Wildred Ntui

Author’s Biography

Wilfred Ntui who hails from Akamkpa L. G. A. of cross river state , Nigeria is a true lover of poetry. He is currently pursuing a degree in political science and public administration in one of the most competing university in Nigeria. He has completed in so many contest internationally from different prestigious poetry groups online, and has also won numerous awards with them, among which are ; poet of week, best award of excellence, best international guest award to mention but a few. His earnest desire to improve the world around him through the use of pen knows no bound, he’s so enthusiastic in his writing career and hope to become a motivational speaker in the nearest future.

Message to the Readers

It’ll  be an amazing and a wonderful moment for every lover of poem who would find time to digest the inspirations attached to this great poem, remain bless and enjoy every moment as you go through it bit by bit. Love you all.-Poet Wilfred