“FOR ALL MOTHERS” by Joey V Fernandez (My Pen & Soul Featured Poet)

I opened my eyes to your caring eyes and face,
I witnessed your patience in your care and nurturing ways,
I’ve felt comfort and joy in your soft voice and loving embrace,
You have instilled in me the meaning of love since my childhood days

As I grow up, I always long for your touch when I feel sad
I search for your comforting words when things get really bad,
And whenever I feel hopeless and lost,
I wish I could lie in your lap as I used to do
Cause it’s always there where I feel protected,
Secured, and rested , that nobody could assure but you.

I can just imagine how beautiful our world can be,
If only all children will love their mothers as they should be,
If only all people will respect each other as they should respect their mothers
If only all God’s children will treat love and respect as must in dealing with others.

Mother, your kind of love is what the world needs in all of this time
In times of darkness, chaos and confusion, your loving presence should shine,
Cause when all things get worse, and there seems no turning back,
It’s only your unique and distinct character that can make all the difference in putting things back. ©️JVFrndz

Engr Joey V Fernandez

Jose Viliran Fernandez

Jose or Joey was born on Dec 30, 1962 in Pangasinan. He graduated from UST in 1985 with a BSCE degree. More interested in numbers than writing since school days, he discovered his passion for writing poetry more than ten years ago, getting some inspirations from events and his mood for writing something. He only write for sharing to some friends and relatives, and mostly for special events in their lives, like birthdays or deaths. Hasn’t joined any poetry contests until now, he hopes to realize the fruition of publishing his own poetry book someday.

Joey writes both English and Filipino poems, with various themes or subjects. Without any scholarly or formal training in writing, he usually derive his urge based on inspiration usually from special persons, events, and from Him above. He can write a piece for as short as within 20 minutes if truly inspired. To date, he has written almost hundred, mostly done recently during the pandemic. His desire to reach more audience inspired him to look for some on line Poetry enthusiasts group, thus, the opportunity to submit his piece for this noble project, that is FPB ANTHOLOGY: Saving the World, One Poem at a Time.

I’ve been reading this poem while I was painting in my art studio. I can’t deny that this poem touched my heart so deeply, remembering my mother back home in the Philippines.

I was able to read most of Poet Joey’s inspirational poems he sent to me recently, & what I admire about his writings are the mixed emotions that you would feel between the lines. I’ll be posting more of his inspirational poems here to My Pen & Soul .-eureka

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