“The Warrior Grandma” by Sunita Sahoo ( My Pen & Soul Featured Poetess)

Over those rocky hills, nestled in a valley

Stood a village, centuries old, hoary

Population, in thousands, probably

Renowned for “The Warrior Grandma” and her valiant story!

Winter white hair, wizened skin, gnarled fingers, toil-worn

Brumous eyes exuding a lambent glow

Dwelling in a dilapidated house, forlorn

Yet, her cherubic smile and a myriad of emotions overflowed!

Every morning she would wake up early

Light her stove, cook some delectable meals

Defying her age, her spirit rejoiced with glee

When she served those orphans, her handmade curries and oat-meals!

Every evening, she would collect those berries, wild

Coupled with some assorted veggies, plucked from her garden, fresh

Put them on sale, a plethora of buyers lined

“Never shall I depend on a single soul for money” – she used to confess!

Every night, she would count her earnings, meagre

Thank Almighty, sip a cup of tea, drown in blissful contemplation

Setting up her alarm, she would wait for the new dawn, eager

Living in the present was her motto, serving the homeless, her passion!

Soon her valorous story spread far and wide, 

A source of inspiration, an epitome of love, selflessness

Indomitable will, unswerving determination, within her hide

7″The Warrior Grandma” was she, undeterred, her goals, limitless!

©️Sunita Sahoo


Sunita is a software engineer by profession and a poetess by passion. She hails from Odisha, India and loves composing poems, short stories and flash fictions of all genres. She is a voracious reader too and loves reading novels, fictions, non fictions and poems as well. Her literary oeuvres have been published in multiple Indian and International zines and websites like Pure Haiku, Wolff Poetry, Dream Noir Journal, Poets Choice Zine, Indian Periodical, Poesis, Wales Haiku Journal, Chrysanthemum (German Haiku Magazine), Spillwords, For Women Who Roar, Formidable Women Sanctuary, I’m Not a Silent Poet Magazine, Drunken Pen Writing, Writers Cafe Magazine, Wax Poetry Magazine and many more . She has also received multifarious accolades from various literary forums like ArtoonsInn Poetry Parlor, Beyond The Box, Literoma, Penmancy, The Passion of Poetry, The Pink Comrade, Pen Wonders International, Literary Creations, etc. and has also been selected as the winner of “Literoma Young Achiever Award 2021” for her outstanding literary contributions. Her hobbies include travelling and cooking. She loves dogs and is a proud owner of two (German Spitz and Labrador Retriever).

My Poem titled "The Warrior Grandma" is based on a real life experience. During my childhood days, I used to visit a shrine every Thursday and in a corner, an old lady used to sell berries. She was in her seventies, but young at heart. I used to buy a few berries from her whenever I visited the shrine. I wanted to know more about her and so I asked a few villagers and then got to know that this lady had been abandoned by her sons and daughters, but she never lost hope. She used to stay in the same dilapidated hut and followed her passion as long as she was alive. My poem is a tribute to her and all elderly ladies out there who have been living on their own, defying their age and setting examples for others to follow.
- Sunita

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