Minarkahan niya ang kanyang kalendaryo
Taon taon ay napupuno nya bawat petsa dito

Lugar na kanyang napuntahan at pupuntahan
Gayundin ang nakasamang pamilya at mga kaibigan

Ginawa niya ito simula pagkabata
Bawat kalendaryong sinusulatan ay naiipon na
Mula sa pagkadalaga hanggang mag asawa
Hanggang sa mag ka anak at mag ka apo na

Palagi niyang plano bawat bagay na gagawin
Nakamarka doon lahat ng mga bagay at habilin
Sapagkat ayaw na may makaligtaan lalo ang okasyon
Ang petsa sa kalendaryo nararapat na siya ay

Sa pagkalipas ng panahon kanyang mga naililistang mga kaibigan ay kaunti na
Dumaragdag naman ang pag marka sa pagbisita
Sa klinika
Pakiramdam iba’t ibang lugar na tatanawin ay limitado na
Sapagkat katawang aktibo noon ay unti -unting humihina

Sa kapal ng naipong kalendaryo laman ay masasayang bagay
Mga petsa ,tao ,magagandang pook, mga ala ala na may saysay
Mga minarkahan at pinunan ng sariling mga kamay
Ala ala na mananatili hanggang sa kabilang buhay

Sa mundong ibabaw bawat galaw man ay nakaplano
Iisa lamang ang nakaka alam kung saan ito
Ang mahalaga ang mabubuting bagay na nakamarka sa ating kalendaryo
Ala alang mananatiling buhay sa mga maiiwang mga puso.

“KALENDARYO” ©️mypenandsoul
eureka robey

OVERCOME FEAR OF FAILURE by Dex Amoroso ( My Pen & Soul Featured Poet)

To control your life

You must control the mind

The cheat codes, go find

Use it in the game of life 

Walk through walls, on fire.

Fly anywhere that you desire.

Embrace the pain.

Invite the pain. 

Have pain over for lunch with you

Ask to teach you all its lessons.

Watch the lions that used to chase you

Turn into tame little kittens. 

It’s not craziness or courage,

It’s the understanding and notion;

That you are not discourage

Even the most intense emotions 

When accepted rather than resisted

Can only help forge a better version of you.

Never feel bitter and twisted

No body can overcome fear of failure but YOU.©️Dex Amoroso

A Biography of the author:

Dexter Amoroso is a registered writer and book editor at National Book Development Board. He authored the 5-star rated “Rustic Charm” and “STAY-AT-HOME DAD: Makin’ Popcorns and Wiping Their Turn To Pop Is Coming, but Don’t Poop At The Same Time!” and co-author of a number of international anthology of poetry, short stories and flash fiction books. He is a member of Pinoy Writers Toastmasters Club and one of the administrators at Filipino Poets in Blossom. He also wrote a short story titled “A Jungle At His Doorstep” and got published in ILA Magazine, an international and prestigious literary magazine. He is a former quality professional who has changed careers and wants to enter the world of teaching.

He subscribes to Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences as it is one of the highest truisms, but he adds another intelligence called “intuition”. And he argues that intuition is the highest form of intelligence as it can identify and target a particular thought or feeling. Intuition is instinct…you don’t think at all but it just comes to your mind…a thought, a feeling, a gut feel. He believes that intelligence cannot be measured only by the ability to do one task. As per what institutionalised education does to gauge intellect. Exposing children to various stimuli will expand their horizons. This will also deepen them as individuals.

While at home fathering his two little boys, he formed a small team and named it Mount Thesis. They assist clients in their thesis writing. They are Mountain Guides like Mt. Everest Sherpas. They guide climbers, they are ahead because they lead …but clients climb with them, so they learn too.

Becoming a father is the best job he has ever had.


Our Author’s Published Books

Please click these links to purchase his books

Stay at Home Dad https://www.amazon.com/STAY-AT-HOME-DAD-Popcorns-Wiping-Assess-ebook/dp/B098RD2XR5/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?crid=2W0C8Q5Q0EP96&dchild=1&keywords=stay+at+home+dad+dexter+amoroso&qid=1634460883&sprefix=stay+at+home+dad+dexter+amo&sr=8-1

Rustic Charm https://www.amazon.com/Rustic-Charm-Dexter-Amoroso-ebook/dp/B098MHZB7N/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=rustic+charm+by+dexter&qid=1634461275&sr=8-1

Our featured author just recently celebrated his birthday.

And I would like to take this opportunity to greet him a happy birthday myself. He’s one of the reasons I was able to publish my book. He believes that I am a great writer, he made me believe in myself.

To sir Dex thank you,  may you continue to inspire more writers in this world. -eureka robey


“The Warrior Grandma” by Sunita Sahoo ( My Pen & Soul Featured Poetess)

Over those rocky hills, nestled in a valley

Stood a village, centuries old, hoary

Population, in thousands, probably

Renowned for “The Warrior Grandma” and her valiant story!

Winter white hair, wizened skin, gnarled fingers, toil-worn

Brumous eyes exuding a lambent glow

Dwelling in a dilapidated house, forlorn

Yet, her cherubic smile and a myriad of emotions overflowed!

Every morning she would wake up early

Light her stove, cook some delectable meals

Defying her age, her spirit rejoiced with glee

When she served those orphans, her handmade curries and oat-meals!

Every evening, she would collect those berries, wild

Coupled with some assorted veggies, plucked from her garden, fresh

Put them on sale, a plethora of buyers lined

“Never shall I depend on a single soul for money” – she used to confess!

Every night, she would count her earnings, meagre

Thank Almighty, sip a cup of tea, drown in blissful contemplation

Setting up her alarm, she would wait for the new dawn, eager

Living in the present was her motto, serving the homeless, her passion!

Soon her valorous story spread far and wide, 

A source of inspiration, an epitome of love, selflessness

Indomitable will, unswerving determination, within her hide

7″The Warrior Grandma” was she, undeterred, her goals, limitless!

©️Sunita Sahoo


Sunita is a software engineer by profession and a poetess by passion. She hails from Odisha, India and loves composing poems, short stories and flash fictions of all genres. She is a voracious reader too and loves reading novels, fictions, non fictions and poems as well. Her literary oeuvres have been published in multiple Indian and International zines and websites like Pure Haiku, Wolff Poetry, Dream Noir Journal, Poets Choice Zine, Indian Periodical, Poesis, Wales Haiku Journal, Chrysanthemum (German Haiku Magazine), Spillwords, For Women Who Roar, Formidable Women Sanctuary, I’m Not a Silent Poet Magazine, Drunken Pen Writing, Writers Cafe Magazine, Wax Poetry Magazine and many more . She has also received multifarious accolades from various literary forums like ArtoonsInn Poetry Parlor, Beyond The Box, Literoma, Penmancy, The Passion of Poetry, The Pink Comrade, Pen Wonders International, Literary Creations, etc. and has also been selected as the winner of “Literoma Young Achiever Award 2021” for her outstanding literary contributions. Her hobbies include travelling and cooking. She loves dogs and is a proud owner of two (German Spitz and Labrador Retriever).

My Poem titled "The Warrior Grandma" is based on a real life experience. During my childhood days, I used to visit a shrine every Thursday and in a corner, an old lady used to sell berries. She was in her seventies, but young at heart. I used to buy a few berries from her whenever I visited the shrine. I wanted to know more about her and so I asked a few villagers and then got to know that this lady had been abandoned by her sons and daughters, but she never lost hope. She used to stay in the same dilapidated hut and followed her passion as long as she was alive. My poem is a tribute to her and all elderly ladies out there who have been living on their own, defying their age and setting examples for others to follow.
- Sunita

Believe in Your Dreams(An Acrostic Poem)

B_e not afraid in chasing your wonderful  dreams
E_ven if you have  told yourself you have done enough
L_ive your  life with  determination in times darkness bask your schemes 
I_n moments of sorrows , don’t  give up,   be tough
E_ven if sadness persuades everything, never stop
V_ictory will be acclaimed from essence of courage
E_very dream can be attained no matter what’s your age

I_mpossibilities become possible if you believe
N_o one can ever stop you for your dreams to  be achieved

Y_ou have to trust in something, your talents and skills
O_nly you can tell yourself you can ,when no one else will
U_nderstand in every plan you have you think positively
R_eason we get discouraged because we listen to negativity

D_on’t let people pull you down even if they’re your friends or family
R_each your dream , but remember that you must be happy
E_verything fails, if your success puts your life in  misery
A_lways look after yourself, your health and your  spirituality
M_ake your dreams come true, through the guidance of the Almighty
S_et your goals , do it now , blessings & success will follow tremendously


“FOR ALL MOTHERS” by Joey V Fernandez (My Pen & Soul Featured Poet)

I opened my eyes to your caring eyes and face,
I witnessed your patience in your care and nurturing ways,
I’ve felt comfort and joy in your soft voice and loving embrace,
You have instilled in me the meaning of love since my childhood days

As I grow up, I always long for your touch when I feel sad
I search for your comforting words when things get really bad,
And whenever I feel hopeless and lost,
I wish I could lie in your lap as I used to do
Cause it’s always there where I feel protected,
Secured, and rested , that nobody could assure but you.

I can just imagine how beautiful our world can be,
If only all children will love their mothers as they should be,
If only all people will respect each other as they should respect their mothers
If only all God’s children will treat love and respect as must in dealing with others.

Mother, your kind of love is what the world needs in all of this time
In times of darkness, chaos and confusion, your loving presence should shine,
Cause when all things get worse, and there seems no turning back,
It’s only your unique and distinct character that can make all the difference in putting things back. ©️JVFrndz

Engr Joey V Fernandez

Jose Viliran Fernandez

Jose or Joey was born on Dec 30, 1962 in Pangasinan. He graduated from UST in 1985 with a BSCE degree. More interested in numbers than writing since school days, he discovered his passion for writing poetry more than ten years ago, getting some inspirations from events and his mood for writing something. He only write for sharing to some friends and relatives, and mostly for special events in their lives, like birthdays or deaths. Hasn’t joined any poetry contests until now, he hopes to realize the fruition of publishing his own poetry book someday.

Joey writes both English and Filipino poems, with various themes or subjects. Without any scholarly or formal training in writing, he usually derive his urge based on inspiration usually from special persons, events, and from Him above. He can write a piece for as short as within 20 minutes if truly inspired. To date, he has written almost hundred, mostly done recently during the pandemic. His desire to reach more audience inspired him to look for some on line Poetry enthusiasts group, thus, the opportunity to submit his piece for this noble project, that is FPB ANTHOLOGY: Saving the World, One Poem at a Time.

I’ve been reading this poem while I was painting in my art studio. I can’t deny that this poem touched my heart so deeply, remembering my mother back home in the Philippines.

I was able to read most of Poet Joey’s inspirational poems he sent to me recently, & what I admire about his writings are the mixed emotions that you would feel between the lines. I’ll be posting more of his inspirational poems here to My Pen & Soul .-eureka


Ipinanganak ka ng buong kagalakan
Iyong mukha’y kanilang pinagmasdan
Ang pananabik hindi kailan man lumisan
Ika’y dinamitan ng ayon sa kanilang kagustuhan

Dumating ang panahon na ika’y lumaki na
Mga bagay para sa iyo ay normal nguni’t hindi sa iba
Iyong nakahiligang laruin ay iba sa nais nilang makita
Ngunit para sa iyo ito’y mga bagay na sa’yo
Ay nakapagpapasaya

Sa salid aralan ikaw ay nanatiling mapag isa
Pinag mamasdan bawat kamag aral isa isa
Sinusuri kung sino ba iyong kakaibiganin
Kung sila ba ay makaiintindi sa iyong damdamin

Pag uwi ng tahanan ,sa iyong nararamdaman
Walang makausap
Itinatagong pilit sa pangambang husgahan
Ng iba
Ang kwadernong may susi na lamang
Ang nakakayakap
At unan sa gabi ay sumasalo sa pumapatak na
mga luha

Lumipas ang panahon ikaw ay natuto ng humanga
Damdamin ay pilit mong pinipigilan, sa takot sa
Sasabihin ng iba
Sa iyong pakiramdam ito ay kamaliang kay hirap itama
Kahit na wala kang tinatapakang mga paa

May mga araw na iyong nasasaksihan
Pangungutya ng kapwa sa parehong kasarian
Iyong mga tenga’y dinig ang kanilang pang-aalipusta
Kahit ang hinuhusgahan ay hindi nila kilala

Ang tanong mo sa iyong sarili, bakit ako nandirito
Bakit ako ipinanganak sa aking pagkatao
Nararamdaman ay iba ngunit iba ang anyo
Ang respeto ba mula sa kapwa ay magmumula dito

Naisipan mong sarilinin bawat mga bagay
Pinilit mong ang sarili sa kanila’y makibagay
Ngunit iyong puso ay hindi nararamdaman ang saya
Sapagkat hindi matanggap ang sarili dahil sa iba

Sambit sa sarili kung mundo’y hindi mapanghusga
Siguro lahat ang nararamdaman ay malaya
Kung respeto ay makukuha kahit hindi ka kilala
Siguro mapupuno ang bawat puso ng ginhawa

Walang isinilang para na lamang husgahan
Walang may karapatan upang pagkatao ng iba ay
Sapagkat sa mundong ito lahat pantay pantay
Respeto ang maiiwan kung sumakabilang buhay

Iyong natanto may mga bagay na dapat sarilinin
Kung ito ay magdudulot ng sakit ng damdamin
Mahirap ba ang maging mabait kesa mapangkutya?
O ito’y dahilan para pansinin din ng kapwa

Iba iba man ang kulay ng tao , estado,anyo o kasarian
Hindi ito dahilan upang tingin sa sarili ay taasan
Maging mapagkumbaba kesa banggitin ang hindi
Kaaya ayang salita
Sapagka’t hindi lang ang hinuhusgahan ang sa iyo’y

Bakas ang lungkot sa iyong mukha
Pinipilit na hindi pansinin ang mga taong mapanghusga
Minsan ramdam sa sarili ang nais na magpakalayo
Sa lugar sa kung saan mag iiba ang takbo ng mundo

Iyong kakayahan ay ang doon papansinin
Ang iyong katauhan ay buong pusong tatanggapin
May tengang handang makinig sa iyong sasabihin
Na hindi alintala ang damdaming nais sambitin

“Respeto”©️My Pen & Soul
Eureka Robey

You look Familiar To Me by Jhake Morales (My Pen & Soul Featured Poet)

Stunned! I had this disoriented impression

I feel like I am so lost on verge of confusion

It appears that I’ve been taken over by a doppelganger

I changed a lot, the way I behave and even my manner.

I’m looking at the man  standing in front of the mirror 

I could hardly recognize him- felt like hollow

I know him 10 years ago

Now, he comes off so new.

Oops! I remember you now! What an abrupt change you had!

you’ve got a mustache and you’re now bald

with the mustache, you sound wiser when you speak

with the bald head, a  foolish man on the way you think.

you dress up like a boss

you messed up! still, gross

a respected man inside his office

At home, a discourteous man and lawless 

You look wealthy

Your pocket is full of money

Your lifestyle is unhealthy

Brandy, whiskey, and nicotine reside in your body.

Congratulations! You achieved everything you wanted

But where is the wisdom that once in your head was planted?

Where is kindness that in your heart was seeded?

 If these are the fruits, These are not worthy to be harvested!

I am now staring at the  man, face to face

Bit by bit he has gone too far 

I can see the happiness when he smiles

But sadness is striking from his eyes 

Oh please bring back your old self

Where contentment in  spirit dwells

Where you still know how to give and to share

Where success  is just steps and stairs

And not a place where our souls burn like hell 

Now, tell me who you were ten years ago?

What transformations did you consider yourself had grown?

 My doppelganger should have been a better version of me

 Not the worst rendition of myself that I see.

©️Jhake Morales

Currently, Romeo Morales is one of FPB’s  Administrators-Group Expert and Conceptors. He is best known as “Jhake”  , fond of basic video editing, writing poems, short stories, flash fiction, essays  and songs.  His songs Entitled “SAGWAN” and “Please Leave me” and “Close the Door” were played last year in E25 records- NET25.

His most recent achievement in writing is when he bagged 3rd place in this year’s  ANG SINGKAW poem writing competition( Filipino Medium). In his free time, Jhake likes to play online video games and play Volleyball with his friends.

Poet Jhake Morales is one of the Administrators of Filipino Poets in Blossoms, who is known not only from his moving poems but also from amazing videos he presented to the group. A very humble man with so many talents. 

I am very glad that I have known him through FPB. I can't wait to read and see more of his awesome works.

” Trial ” by Napoleon Torres (My Pen & Soul Featured Poet)

Like a birdling that was trying to learned how to fly.
Spread its’ wings tried to reached the sky.
I hold a pen in my hand and tried to write.
Verses that can shed some light.

There were trials.
Then outright denials.
It did not lasts.
In every poems i’ve done in the pasts.

My writing poems were tests.
I had no notion to what were bests.
In every trial there’s triumph and defeat.
We must accept it and try winning and not retreat.

My waking up in the morning,
was God given blessing.
In God i was very grateful.
Hoping for beautiful passages i was prayerful.

Morning first words that came to my mind.
Thought of passages so divine.
I immediately wrote in a sheet.
Before i can forget.

This was my trial in life.
Learn how to write.
I wished that my mind was clear and bright.
To make it right.

Everyday i was delighted.
Writing poems i was so excited.
That i may write poems with good meanings.
For readers blissful readings.

Poems were not easy to write.
If you are not so bright.
My dream to come true.
Writing poems i had to do.

In this trial.
I terminated denial.

I just wrote what i had in mind.
Wishing God will be kind.
Guide my hand to what to write.
Make everything right.

Napoleon Torres lll
@ All rights reserved.

“My Quote”

Giving love made living worthy.
It is not wealth or beauty.
It is love of God and fellowmen.
That is the real treasure beyond.

Napoleon Torres lll

Napoleon Torres

A Biography of the author:

Napoleon Abad Torres lll was a retired oversea contract worker. He had worked in Brunei Darrusallam from 1997 to 2003.
He worked as warehouse supervisor of Brunei Press the only newspaper company in Brunei Darrusallam. He also had worked in Philippines Daily Express Publishing Corporation from 1974 to 1983 as a purchasing canvasser.
In his retirement he developed as a tree farmer a half hectare land into an orchard and garden. It was the 3A Orchard and Garden that houses 300+ fruit trees of different kinds and varieties.
He loves writing English and Pilipino poems in his free times. He has written 280 poems in English and Tagalog languages. Also some in Hiligaynon dialect. During his school days he was a Pilipino Language editor in his school University of Negros Occidental Recoletos in Bacolod City. Their school organ was Tolentine Star. It was where he wrote his first poem in Tagalog.
He was a voracious reader of pocket books. He had read thousands of it in his younger days. Mostly adventures and detective stories.
Agatha Christie Poirot and Erle Stanley Gardner Perry Mason series were his favorites. Reading pocket books taught him how to adapt to the English language while the Tagalog language was learned from his love of reading Philippines Komiks in Tagalog language. It was mostly the Tagalog language he used to make his poems.
His family life was that he was married to Mirasol Reyes a Bulakeña Tagala and they had four children. Jaly May the eldest and three boys Napoleon lV, Aries John and Brian the youngest. Having seven grandchildren and two great grandkids was his joy in his life. They were his inspirations in writing his poems. His poems were simple worded that came straight from his heart.

Poet Napoleon Torres , has been recently awarded  with highest recognition by Filipino Poets in Blossoms ” POET PLATINUM ACHIEVEMENT AWARD, where he brought a lot of passion ,a lot of dedication, a lot of hard work to share his astonishing poems to the blossoming poetry group.

Being the VP of FPB  ,I am honoured to have known a Poet who is so down to earth and  very dedicated to his passions , which compels me to continue my existing passion in writing.  I will continue to admire his poems and I know soon all of his writings will be published in a book.

Sir Nap is one of the contributors of Filipino Poets in Blossoms’ very first Anthology ,which will be published before the end of November this year.

If you want to read more of his poems , please visit our  International Poetry Group on Facebook

“Filipino Poets in Blossoms .

Good future starts from home 

Artwork by Marilou Eureka Bianzon Robey

What causes quarrels , what causes fights

What makes children decide which is wrong or which is right

The truth is each of them were born innocents, 

Is this  the root of human predicament?

Love begins at home and so as discipline

Guidance from family is an imperative thing

Introduce God as early ,  so they may follow the creed

Nurture them,  emphasize the difference of wants from needs

Teach them how to be compassionate while they’re young 

Raise a pet at home or plant a tree to grow

Teach them to be patient , give them time  to understand 

Every little thing that matters that they need to know

Support their talents , develop their passions

This is the only way to divert their attentions

From peer pressure and unknown insecurities

The more they know, it opens the opportunities

Teach them how to fish, so they will learn to  strive

So later  in life they they will learn how  to survive 

Educate them so they will know things not only by the books

Emphasize that everyone deserves respect not only by how  they look

It will start in a loving home with loving family that cares

Their  paths will be lightened from words of God that  we share

Let the children dream, and believe what they can do

What matters is the moral support that comes from me & you

©️ my-pen-and-soul.com

Written by Marilou Eureka Bianzon Robey ,Published author of My Pen & Soul, book is now available on Amazon,Lulu, & Bookemon

“Teacher, a Rainbow of Hope”

She moves the world,  she gives hope that dreams could happen

She is  a gift from God ,like an angel  sent 

from heaven

A sage creature beyond compare,

Knowledge she always ought to share

She herself exist in her dedicated yet free spirit 

She touches students lives since  they were kids

Her words of praises blossom like flowers

Encouragements that remain in the heart forever

For you she may seems  to care a little

But for her she cares about you not being belittled

She will do her best to strengthen your heart

To walk with honor to shine gracefully above

She is a teacher, a rainbow of hope

Her fruit of knowledge helps each human soul

Her love of learning may dispense in this world

So dreams will come true and shine like a gold


©️Marilou Eureka Bianzon Robey

Published Author of My Pen & Soul

A Collection of Artwork & Poetry

The book is now available i

On Amazon

To my Daughter on Daughter’s Day

Artwork by Marilou Eureka Bianzon Robey

A Poem for Our Precious Trinity Ann on Daughter’s Day

Our precious , all we want is to hold you tight
To look at your face when you sleep at night
You are a wonderful child Trinity, My dear
So loved ,cared , secured behind a glass from fears

You are our sunshine , our light after the darkest night
You fill our lives with so much joy, and a world
So bright
I knew when you were born ,we would be proud of your name
In a sad world , with you the happiness in our hearts remain
You give us the colorful rainbow after a heaviest rain

Throughout your journey , We will guide your path
Both of your hands we will hold in time of dusk
We will be your mountain to shield you from storms
Daddy & I will be here to remind you to keep your faith strong

©️ my-pen-and-soul by Marilou Eureka Bianzon Robey , published author of My Pen & Soul, book is now available on Amazon,Lulu,Bookemon