‘Lord,when You reached out Your hand” by Eureka C.Bianzon

Lord,Your hand warmth mine

When I felt the cold time

You gave me strength,& I achieved

In times that I felt that I am so weak

Lord,When You reached out Your hand

Everything has been assured.

And as  You held my hand

I felt so secured

Lord touch my heart with your hand

That is what I need the most

Hold me tight,oh so tight

All is need is You for the rest of my life

Photograph by photographer Michael R.Cruz

“Young Fisherman”by Eureka C.Bianzon

I stretch,sway,with my small elbows bend
Throwing away the rod making the water splash
Waiting for a good catch as I do more often
Hoping this day won’t give me a great clash

While sitting alone, I suddenly remember
The lessons I’ve learned from my father
Be calm, be sincere, if you want a good catch
Be patient,be quiet and still

The last time I’ve caught so small
This time I’m so lucky for I’ve got so big
Struggling on fishing is not an easy task at all
Expect whether big or rather appreciate little things

I’m a young fisherman
But I’m deeper than my age
I have many good thoughts from my innocent mind
When I grow up I can do more than a fisherman’s trade

Photograph by photographer Flariden Dela Torre (Rra Fotographia)
Published by KABAYAN weekly UAE
column “POEM OF VIEW”
November 08 – 14,2012

“Learning how to ride”by Eureka C. Bianzon

It was a sunny  morning

The first day that I’ve tried to ride  my bike

I Ignored my mom who kept on staring

 and never let me lose from her sight

For how many times I begged for someone

 to teach me

Only a thing  they used to tell

“It’s too big for you”really!

So I gathered my courage

Even facing the crucial part

I knew soon I will able to ride on it

even if it is the hardest start

I felt so proud Ive done it alone

I knew it was my achievement

Learning how to ride a bike was a child

Great  sense of accomplishment

Balancing the tough

 and challenges along the way

was a great lesson that day

“Learning how to ride”

With the worlds training wheel

Helped me pass all the obstacles

And  leaded me on the right way

Photograph by photographer Aldrin Francisco

“Letting go” for a happy tomorrow by Eureka C. Bianzon

Some birds are not meant to be caged for  long
They need to flap up their wings to fly
Some balloons are not meant to be tied
They need to be loosen to soar into the sky
Things in life are not destined to happen perfectly
People may come,people may go
But no matter how things in life made you lonely
Remember there’s always be a happy tomorrow
Letting go of things would make you feel happier
We must allow our hearts to heal
Letting go of the past would make you feel better
Accepting those were just lessons for somebody to hear

“My Little Angel Reflecting My Soul” by Eureka C.Bianzon

The sun is freely shining
The vivacity of rays shown upon us
My sweet smile kept you from crying
You’ve always found a comfort from my gentle touch
I’ve loved you since before you were born
I’ve been with you ’til you witnessed a laudable day I adorn
You brought a joy and a happy tear
You fulfilled my life and overcome my fear
You’re my happiness this day
You’ll be my happiness each and every day
Child you’re God’s gift who makes me whole
My little angel reflecting my soul
My child not only this day I would lift you up
I’ll promise to be there when your truly heart seek me
I’m your loving Mom who’ll guide until you grow up
I’ll always have an open hand to hold
For you Eternally

“Desolate Sea of Despair” by Eureka C.Bianzon

My gaze drifts to the sand
While walking a few steps down to the ocean
The cold rocks nipping my feet
As the time you’ve left me
It drilled my heart so deep
The pain almost much to take
Being alone reminds me of the things
We used to make
To this desolate sea of despair
Losing you is the hardest feeling to bear
We’re miles now apart in distance
Deeper like an every ocean
I love you,but I have to let you go
You’re my happiness in life
That is what I want you to know..




“WAVES IN LIFE” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Fiery glare sun loving maize

Gazes down over the mountain

Resembling with stillness of mentionable shades

The walks in life bejeweled with amazement s

Waves murmur shakes the rocks

Stealing the calmness of sands in quicker moves

Waves in life in every odds

Turn onto us, yet with God still all perfect good

Life is painted through Creator’s hands

To ease our load from earthly ills

Don’t be scared for He has the plans

From every waves

Never be afraid to try each will




“I’ll Love You Until the End” by Eureka C.Bianzon

I love your gentle touch

Your voice is so sweet

Oh I love you so much!

You’re the only on that I need

I love spending each day with you

Of us being together under the glowing sun

I love everything in you

Each moment we’ve spent were so much fun

I promise you from this day

That I’ll be with you for the rest of my life

Beside you I’ll forever stay

And I’ll never let you out of my sight

I’ll love you until the end

Nothing can tear us apart

I’ll always be the same

You’ll be forever in my heart




“I am ZARA,Your litlle One “by Eureka C. Bianzon

I am my daddy’s little princess

A sweet little girl

Who’s filling his heart with happiness

I am my mom’s pride and joy

I am her cute little image

That  my dad really adores

I am Zara

Who could touch your heart so deep

You would never forget my little face

Even at night when you sleep

I am a little one  

With full of amusement and fears

A sweet smile after all your tears

So glad so proud I am everybody’s dear

My sweet little eyes sent from Above

Has full of endearing ways

My small hug with bountiful love

Will embrace your heart each and everyday

I am Zara

Your little one

Hope I gave you joy of me being around

And  made you laugh

Upon hearing my laughter’s  sound

I am your most precious gift

These small hands, these  little feet

Will imprint you’re world oh so deep

I am Zara!Your little one..



“God’s endless grace”by Eureka C.Bianzon

Lately I’ve been in a place

A place that took me far

Where the color of the sky reflected  the sea

That day Ive decided to leave my car

I  took  a long walk passing by

around the thick  trees

Ive seen the sands seem like an  endless sea

I felt the warm as Ive sat against

It made me calm to  it’s  silent reign

I am in a place where

my imagination runs free

Appreciating God’s love

As the same as He created me

A freedom to be anywhere

To  feel  the essence of nature’s care

Looking around at the water sea

Ive found my shadow following me

Discovering its’ my  own reflection

That  made me choose of who I am to be

Gazing on  the sky as the sunset comes

Brought me more faith and hope

As Ive seen  it for so many times

Means that my sun will come tomorrow

That place captivates my eye

As I strolled along without any regrets

For it made me realize how fortunate I am

To receive God’s endless  grace



“To Sail with You Again”by Eureka Bianzon

Sailing the boat beyond

the beautiful sunset of time.

I remembered our promises ,

our  love were so divine

All of our hopes we truly abide

With God’s love,

Who served  as our guide

All of the memories wander

In my mind as I sailed alone

And as the sun goes under

You’re the one that  I’m  thinking

and waiting for so long

The sea’s vibrating

with your melodious voice

I love to hear & I honestly  adore

Time and time again

I would pray

To set my sails and sail with you

again someday