Good future starts from home 

Artwork by Marilou Eureka Bianzon Robey

What causes quarrels , what causes fights

What makes children decide which is wrong or which is right

The truth is each of them were born innocents, 

Is this  the root of human predicament?

Love begins at home and so as discipline

Guidance from family is an imperative thing

Introduce God as early ,  so they may follow the creed

Nurture them,  emphasize the difference of wants from needs

Teach them how to be compassionate while they’re young 

Raise a pet at home or plant a tree to grow

Teach them to be patient , give them time  to understand 

Every little thing that matters that they need to know

Support their talents , develop their passions

This is the only way to divert their attentions

From peer pressure and unknown insecurities

The more they know, it opens the opportunities

Teach them how to fish, so they will learn to  strive

So later  in life they they will learn how  to survive 

Educate them so they will know things not only by the books

Emphasize that everyone deserves respect not only by how  they look

It will start in a loving home with loving family that cares

Their  paths will be lightened from words of God that  we share

Let the children dream, and believe what they can do

What matters is the moral support that comes from me & you


Written by Marilou Eureka Bianzon Robey ,Published author of My Pen & Soul, book is now available on Amazon,Lulu, & Bookemon

To my Daughter on Daughter’s Day

Artwork by Marilou Eureka Bianzon Robey

A Poem for Our Precious Trinity Ann on Daughter’s Day

Our precious , all we want is to hold you tight
To look at your face when you sleep at night
You are a wonderful child Trinity, My dear
So loved ,cared , secured behind a glass from fears

You are our sunshine , our light after the darkest night
You fill our lives with so much joy, and a world
So bright
I knew when you were born ,we would be proud of your name
In a sad world , with you the happiness in our hearts remain
You give us the colorful rainbow after a heaviest rain

Throughout your journey , We will guide your path
Both of your hands we will hold in time of dusk
We will be your mountain to shield you from storms
Daddy & I will be here to remind you to keep your faith strong

©️ my-pen-and-soul by Marilou Eureka Bianzon Robey , published author of My Pen & Soul, book is now available on Amazon,Lulu,Bookemon

“Her inner beauty”

A graceful expression her eyes possessed
A book of victory from her life’s quest
A smile despite a heart beneath unrest
A sage being full of love and sweet caress

Nobody knows what her wrinkles meant
In the eyes of God she was a heavenly sent
A face full of love , a heart with pure intent
Who nurtures , who raised well the innocents

Her charm may fade but not her inner beauty
Day after day her being is renewed inwardly
Contentment she has as she fulfilled her duty
A true reflection of beauty from being worthy

I always want to be with you

Here you are sleeping between my arms

While I look out the window and see the stars

Wishing that from you I will never be far

For I always want to be with you my little star

I can hear your breathing like music to my ears

I always want to be with you so I can listen to your fears

You’re my life,my dear child ,my dear

I always want to be with you so I can wipe your eyes when they’re in tears

When I kiss your forehead it’s telling me

Mommy I want to be with you too wherever I may be

I always want to be with you so you can see me

As I grow older , I always want you right here beside me.


Simula noong Isinilang kita

Sa tuwing ikaw ay gigising hagikgik muna ang aking madidinig
At kapag ikaw ay dinungawan  iyong namimilog na mga mata sa aki’y nakatitig
Ang iyong biglang ngiti ang siyang gumigising sa
aking isipan
Ako’y sumisiglang bigla kahit hapong katawan ay hindi pa nailapag sa aking higaan

Kapag tinititigan kita  puso ko’y ngumingiti sa saya
Labis na kagalakan iyong hatid sa akin simula noong
Isinilang kita
Iyong paghawak sa aking labi sa tuwing akap kita
Tila isang mahika hindi makapaniwala na sa ngayon ay kapiling ka

Aking pakiramdam na kaya kong lahat basta’t nariyan ka
Kaya kong kalimutan lahat , sa tuwing nakikita ka
Ikaw ang sikat ng araw sa aking bawat umaga
Saya ng aking kalooban , isang mahika buhat sa Lumikha.

Isinulat ni Eureka Bianzon Robey

Goodbye Grandma, I will miss you

Tears I have shed, remembering those things you’ve taught me

Through the years you were there, you watched me grow

Love , kindness , sweetness acts of you I’ve got to see

You’ve been there for me for the things I needed to know

Grandma every word from your voice I deeply remember

And all that I think about now is you today

I’m sorry if I won’t have the chance to be there

I’d love you grandma in so many ways

Now as I opened and closed my eyes

Only your face tickles my mind

Oh how I remember you were there by my side

And now my heart aches from your saddest goodbye

Now I realized how much I miss you

I know that you will still be watching over me

I’ve learned so many things from you

I will never ever forget those ’til eternity

I know that you’re happy with the Heavenly father right now

In God’s time we will be seeing each other somehow

In my heart your memories will always remain

Grandma I’ll miss you, ’til we meet each other again


“Dahil sa inyo mga anak” ni Eureka C. Bianzon

“Dahil sa inyo mga anak”
(Na aking kayamanan)
Tungkulin bilang ina aking ginampanan
Pinunan din ang tungkulin ng inyong ama ng kalaunan
Sa ating buhay kaydami mang pagsubok ang nagdaan
Ako’y nanatiling nakangiti at buo dahil sa inyo mga anak na aking kayamanan
Ang aking puso ay labis na nasisiyahan
Sapagka’t kayo ang aking mga anak
Pagmamahal ay napunan
Walang pagsubok ang aking hindi
Sapagkat sa aking harapan kayo’y nakangiti at palaging nariyan
Sa tulong ng Maykapal aking pangarap para sa inyo’y matutupad
Kayo’y mananatili sa aking puso saan man ako mapadpad
Bilang ama’t ina ninyo pangako ako’y mananatiling matatag
Kasama ng pamilyang pagmamahal
Sa akin ay labis na inihatag

A requested poem

“Being with you” by Eureka C.Bianzon

You lighten me during my darkest hour

You saved my heart in so many ways

You always give me my motive power

Since I found you I feel so secured everyday


There’s a love song ringing in my ears

Singing you’re my forever, my world, my life

Your voice is the sweetest melody I’ve ever heard

It motivates me to wear my loveliest smile


Every day I knew that you’re someone I can hold

 Someone to whom I can share my world

Being with you I couldn’t ask for more

You made this feeling stronger than before

Salamat sa mga ina ni Eureka.C.Bianzon

Galak ang hatid ng  bawat araw na daratal
Mga pagbati sa mga inang minamahal
Gaya ng agos ng tubig sadyang walang
Patuloy ang pagpupugay ng mga supling na may-ibig

Kung tatantuhin lamang ng pusong masigasig
Pag aarugang ginampanan ng ina
Na walang ligalig
Buong buhay ay inilaan ng walang halong pagdaing
Upang matupad ng supling ang
bawat mithiin

Salamat sa mga ina, na syang tanging ilaw ng tahanan
Tungkuling ginagampan sadyang kayhirap pantayan
Siyang tanging susi sa bawat pusong may yaman
Ng disiplina,pananalig, na tanging ina lamang ang mapakapaglalaan

“No one can give better the love of a mother”by Eureka C.Bianzon

No one can give better the love of a mother
Neither your best friend,your friends
  and who among the others
A mother will never let you pay for all
The things she have done for you
She will never ask for an exchange
Neither gives you the receipts of all
Stuffs she bought for you

If so,I guess a mother is the richest individual in the world
How many children she raised
And sent to school
She teaches  many things that give a
child a strong foundation
The values from her love is the stability
Of our emotions

No one can give better the love of a mother
She is the one who endows an endless acceptance without hesitation
We can never find her infinite love from the others
For she holds the purest love without
Any condition

“Mother bird” by Eureka C.Bianzon

The dark clouds warned of a rain
Yet she  kept on hunting and never been dismayed
She remained firm and unafraid
And ready to head home again

Her mighty wings were disturbed by
the heavy rain
And a noise that has been made bothered her when she heard
A mother bird suddenly nestled up again
And checked her hatchling little birds

Hunted worms were on her beak
She excitedly feed up the hungry birds
Not minding if nothing will be left on her
As she will fly off again when they
fall asleep