You look Familiar To Me by Jhake Morales (My Pen & Soul Featured Poet)

Stunned! I had this disoriented impression

I feel like I am so lost on verge of confusion

It appears that I’ve been taken over by a doppelganger

I changed a lot, the way I behave and even my manner.

I’m looking at the man  standing in front of the mirror 

I could hardly recognize him- felt like hollow

I know him 10 years ago

Now, he comes off so new.

Oops! I remember you now! What an abrupt change you had!

you’ve got a mustache and you’re now bald

with the mustache, you sound wiser when you speak

with the bald head, a  foolish man on the way you think.

you dress up like a boss

you messed up! still, gross

a respected man inside his office

At home, a discourteous man and lawless 

You look wealthy

Your pocket is full of money

Your lifestyle is unhealthy

Brandy, whiskey, and nicotine reside in your body.

Congratulations! You achieved everything you wanted

But where is the wisdom that once in your head was planted?

Where is kindness that in your heart was seeded?

 If these are the fruits, These are not worthy to be harvested!

I am now staring at the  man, face to face

Bit by bit he has gone too far 

I can see the happiness when he smiles

But sadness is striking from his eyes 

Oh please bring back your old self

Where contentment in  spirit dwells

Where you still know how to give and to share

Where success  is just steps and stairs

And not a place where our souls burn like hell 

Now, tell me who you were ten years ago?

What transformations did you consider yourself had grown?

 My doppelganger should have been a better version of me

 Not the worst rendition of myself that I see.

©️Jhake Morales

Currently, Romeo Morales is one of FPB’s  Administrators-Group Expert and Conceptors. He is best known as “Jhake”  , fond of basic video editing, writing poems, short stories, flash fiction, essays  and songs.  His songs Entitled “SAGWAN” and “Please Leave me” and “Close the Door” were played last year in E25 records- NET25.

His most recent achievement in writing is when he bagged 3rd place in this year’s  ANG SINGKAW poem writing competition( Filipino Medium). In his free time, Jhake likes to play online video games and play Volleyball with his friends.

Poet Jhake Morales is one of the Administrators of Filipino Poets in Blossoms, who is known not only from his moving poems but also from amazing videos he presented to the group. A very humble man with so many talents. 

I am very glad that I have known him through FPB. I can't wait to read and see more of his awesome works.

” Trial ” by Napoleon Torres (My Pen & Soul Featured Poet)

Like a birdling that was trying to learned how to fly.
Spread its’ wings tried to reached the sky.
I hold a pen in my hand and tried to write.
Verses that can shed some light.

There were trials.
Then outright denials.
It did not lasts.
In every poems i’ve done in the pasts.

My writing poems were tests.
I had no notion to what were bests.
In every trial there’s triumph and defeat.
We must accept it and try winning and not retreat.

My waking up in the morning,
was God given blessing.
In God i was very grateful.
Hoping for beautiful passages i was prayerful.

Morning first words that came to my mind.
Thought of passages so divine.
I immediately wrote in a sheet.
Before i can forget.

This was my trial in life.
Learn how to write.
I wished that my mind was clear and bright.
To make it right.

Everyday i was delighted.
Writing poems i was so excited.
That i may write poems with good meanings.
For readers blissful readings.

Poems were not easy to write.
If you are not so bright.
My dream to come true.
Writing poems i had to do.

In this trial.
I terminated denial.

I just wrote what i had in mind.
Wishing God will be kind.
Guide my hand to what to write.
Make everything right.

Napoleon Torres lll
@ All rights reserved.

“My Quote”

Giving love made living worthy.
It is not wealth or beauty.
It is love of God and fellowmen.
That is the real treasure beyond.

Napoleon Torres lll

Napoleon Torres

A Biography of the author:

Napoleon Abad Torres lll was a retired oversea contract worker. He had worked in Brunei Darrusallam from 1997 to 2003.
He worked as warehouse supervisor of Brunei Press the only newspaper company in Brunei Darrusallam. He also had worked in Philippines Daily Express Publishing Corporation from 1974 to 1983 as a purchasing canvasser.
In his retirement he developed as a tree farmer a half hectare land into an orchard and garden. It was the 3A Orchard and Garden that houses 300+ fruit trees of different kinds and varieties.
He loves writing English and Pilipino poems in his free times. He has written 280 poems in English and Tagalog languages. Also some in Hiligaynon dialect. During his school days he was a Pilipino Language editor in his school University of Negros Occidental Recoletos in Bacolod City. Their school organ was Tolentine Star. It was where he wrote his first poem in Tagalog.
He was a voracious reader of pocket books. He had read thousands of it in his younger days. Mostly adventures and detective stories.
Agatha Christie Poirot and Erle Stanley Gardner Perry Mason series were his favorites. Reading pocket books taught him how to adapt to the English language while the Tagalog language was learned from his love of reading Philippines Komiks in Tagalog language. It was mostly the Tagalog language he used to make his poems.
His family life was that he was married to Mirasol Reyes a Bulakeña Tagala and they had four children. Jaly May the eldest and three boys Napoleon lV, Aries John and Brian the youngest. Having seven grandchildren and two great grandkids was his joy in his life. They were his inspirations in writing his poems. His poems were simple worded that came straight from his heart.

Poet Napoleon Torres , has been recently awarded  with highest recognition by Filipino Poets in Blossoms ” POET PLATINUM ACHIEVEMENT AWARD, where he brought a lot of passion ,a lot of dedication, a lot of hard work to share his astonishing poems to the blossoming poetry group.

Being the VP of FPB  ,I am honoured to have known a Poet who is so down to earth and  very dedicated to his passions , which compels me to continue my existing passion in writing.  I will continue to admire his poems and I know soon all of his writings will be published in a book.

Sir Nap is one of the contributors of Filipino Poets in Blossoms’ very first Anthology ,which will be published before the end of November this year.

If you want to read more of his poems , please visit our  International Poetry Group on Facebook

“Filipino Poets in Blossoms .

“THOUGHTS ON MOTHER’S DAY” by Maria Evelyn Quilla-Soleta (Featured Inspiring Poet)

I wouldn’t have known the pains and joys of having children

Until I became a mother myself.

I marveled at each girl’s step.

Her first word.

The first prayer uttered with much difficulty

And all the other ‘firsts’ that followed.

Who would not remember the endless and silly questions asked out of nowhere,

Or the countless times I was given and told, “Mommy, flowers for you.”

Usually, these colorful flowers were picked on the chapel’s grounds

And were given after Sunday meetings.

I can  still picture each girl running to me with flowers in her hand.

Then I would melt with happiness.

(And after returning each girl’s kiss,

I would look towards heaven and thanked God,

Imploring that these misses would remain the cute little imps forever).


With each new day a revelation comes to me.

I am a mother, so close to God.

I am His instrument in many ways

(Like my own mother, Felicitas, was, to me).

I must develop


Unconditional love.

Hope, Purity, Faith, Strength.

Above all else, Love of God.

As I build my girls’ characters

I, too, must build mine.

That someday when I face my Maker

I will truly account to Him His children

Who were once mine.

Deep in my heart I pray

That each girl will fondly remember

That once on earth

I was Maria Evelyn, their goodly mother.

Our Featured Inspiring Poetess Ms Maria Evelyn’s Message to our readers

‘Hibiscus’ is another name for gumamela flower.  If I were a flower, I would be a gumamela.  This flambouyant flower comes in different varieties and in lovely colors of red, yellow, pink, white, and even purple.  Known as the ‘wilting flower’, a gumamela only lasts for a day, then it closes and curls and falls off.Nonetheless, it blooms all year around.  Wouldn’t it be gladsome to have fresh flowers every day on the table, bringing sweet fragrance and haunting the senses?  I Find My Heart in writing poetry.  This thankful heart that is seen in the eyes of my dear ones, this praying heart that is listened to be my Heavenly Father, this gleeful heart prancing with the rushing waves or musing at the vast moonless skies.  All these, and many more in Evelyn’s world of poetry!

“Life’s Purpose” by DimpsKzie( Featured Inspiring Poet)

From womb till birth we’ve started our journey,
Nursing by a mother in a caring and loving way,
As we grow bigger from day to month and year,
We learn to crawl, stand, and walked on our own.

As we continue growing into adulthood,
We confront stormy battles that we fought,
Sometimes in the pains of failures we succumb,
But we learned that giving up is not a good option to have.

Of life’s experiences that brought adversities,
We find love as assurance in certain uncertainties,
And through its character, we blossom our understanding,
That we cannot live without our true purpose in the world we’re living.

Our experiences shaped us as we continue the journey,
From brokenness, we’ve learned to pick up ourselves piece by piece,
And when the universe decides its time for us to rise,
No one can stop it even the heaviest hurdles in the sight.

As we found ourselves worthwhile,
Only then we realized that we were truly alive,
In prosperity and happiness, we share the bliss,
The way our Creator molded us to serve our purpose-driven life.

We are the masters of our fate to live in harmony,
We are given free will to designed our life to become worthy.


Hi! My name is Glenda, known by my pen name DimpsKzie.

I'm a mother of three and grandmother of two beautiful kids. I like to pen what's in my heart, how I feel and immortalize it through poem as I drew my inspiration from everyday living and happenings around me.

To all readers, thanks so much for reading our works here at It makes our heart swell in inspiration for wonderful comments you leave here. It makes us want to write more.

To the lovely, Ms. Eureka, again, from my heart, thank you for featuring me here on your website.
More power!

IMPERFECTLY BEAUTIFUL by Dexter Amoroso ( Featured Inspiring Poet)

I saw this plant
days ago
at our condo compound,
when we went through the other gate
to go to the national library.
Large pot of plant that has been cracked.
Only about half is left.
The crack was divided into three parts.
in pain,
and suffering.
I don’t know
if t’was hit by a car,
or broken by pressure
from plant growth which is outward.
The pot reached its breaking point.
But when I passed by today,
I saw that the broken pot had been repaired
and there is unmistaken beauty
in its irregularness
that warms my heart.
There is beauty in our mess,
in our pain,
in our suffering,
and in our transition
from where we are
to where we want to be,
and even more importantly,
who we are
and who we want to be
So unpretentious.
So earthy.
So simple


APPRECIATION POEM BY Don Luman-ag (Featured Poet)

By Don Luman-ag

Inspiring beauty and brains
That’s how I see our dear Ma’am Helen
Just like her namesake — the lovely Helen of Troy
Two great women destined to be in literature

Unequalled is her brand of leadership, guts and charisma
She’s an unselfish woman, a very inspiring persona
A great source of encouragement for both seasoned and aspiring poets
I find great learning from her sincere and honest critiques

She’s like a mother hen who tags along her chicks
She grooms and takes them to where the good stuff is
She encourages them to soar to greater heights
By creating various opportunities for them to shine

Ma’am Eureka is a triumphant discovery
A real asset in the world of poetry
She’s a sophisticated lady with a heart of gold
She’s got so much talent, it’s plain to behold

A model, actress, and artist rolled into one
With a personality as elegant as her more than seven hundred poems
She freely lends her exceptional skill in computer graphics
To give us beautifully adorned Quotes of the Day, awards and certificates

What I really like the most about this darling
Is how she remains humble and never self-serving
Such personal quality and attribute are worth admiring
For beauty of character is what’s more lasting

My very good friend, Ma’am Leah Dancel
I’m glad she coaxed me to get out of my shell
She’s instrumental in rekindling my literary passion
She’s the one who invited me to join Filipino Poets in Blossoms

I’m a top fan of her literary works
Her poems and essays are fantabulous
They’re impeccable in both grammar and style
Coffee table book-worthy, riches to be desired

It’s been my wish that her collected works
Will someday soon be printed into books
For this generation and posterity to enjoy
Reading them can give everyone so much joy

If you don’t want to be a so-so
You got to learn it from Sir Dex Amoroso
As his Italian-Hispanic family name implies
Dex is indeed an amorous guy

He is naturally witty, never corny
At times he can also be humorously naughty
But mind you, he is profound and serious
A loving dad of two who’s drop-dead gorgeous

He’s an intellectual, not your average Joe
Looks intimidating but he is humble true
I’m so impressed with his self-authored books
He’s a self-made man and I’m proud to call him “bro”

Another poet whom I really I look up to
Is none other than our very own Sir Crispulo
He’s also a late bloomer as he divulged
Sometimes our poems exist in parallel worlds

His works I’d say, are classic and refined
Free-flowing fountain from the heart and mind
He keeps exploring other forms and styles
I am bewitched by his “prosetry” in particular

Neatly written using choicest words
Precisely crafted and skillfully measured
Sentence fluency so smooth and expressive
Quality writing worth its weight in gold

I pay my tribute to Maestro Yesu Ben
This Philippine treasure is every artist’s friend
He is a faithful guardian of the beloved craft
It’s a great privilege to know this noble laureate

A teacher-philosopher of unfeigned humility
You can sense in him deep spirituality
Hard to match physical and mental agility
Looking super cool at the age of sixty

He mentors by example that we may not depart
From the gold standard for literary arts
His works are a testament to his well-earned stature
A brilliant luminary in Philippine Literature

Seldom that I  feature a poet and their poem here in my website , yet this wonderfully written poem dedicated to Poets of Filipino Poets in Blossoms melted my heart early this morning. It was written by an extraordinary Poet, Mr. Don Luman-ag.  I was reading it and found myself wiping my falling tears from the appreciation he mentioned about me.

 Sir Don Luman-ag , is one humble poet that I admire. His poems are sagaciously written. I love the way he expressed his poems about nature, pets, and how much he appreciates the beauty of life & people around him. 

I can’t wait to feature more of his inspirational poems here in Mypenandsoul soon .