“Inang puno ng pagmamahal” ni Eureka C.Bianzon

Hindi alintala nang magdusa’t maghinagpis
Sapagka’t pag ibig ay wagas sa anak na piling
Hinahandugan ng buong pagmamahal ng labis
Matanaw lamang ang labing may saya ang syang
Tanging hiling
Inang puno ng pagmamahal na tila may batis sa
Patuloy ang pag –agos hindi naaalintala
Waring dugong puno ng pag ibig
Hanggang may hininga’y hindi mapapatid
Nais lamang na ibuhos ay yaring lubos na
Sa natatanging anak puso’y hindi magawang
Tanging pangarap ay matiwasay na kasasadlakan
Sa pag ihip ng panahon ang anak ay may
Itagong labis na yaman
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“Parents do love us unconditionally” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Parents do love us their children unconditionally
They’re always there for us no matter how the
reason it may be
They don’t care if they’re sleeping or having
a tired body
They would still willing to open their eyes
and ask us “how have you been lately?”
They might feel bad about their health
Yet they will never complain & ask for help
Hence they will offer their love & continuous care
Even if we are afar they always do through
their constant prayer
They might get angry or sensitive
When we didn’t give them a call
Please do understand them because
they’re getting old
They need more of our love and care
as what they did for us before
Time is passing that someday
a chance of being with them will be no more
Parents do love us unconditionally
Sometimes we just ignore & not dare to see
They’re the most precious gift God has been
Show them now how much you love them
while the chance is not yet the end.
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“Aking Ama Dakila Ka” ni Eureka C.Bianzon

Aking ama salamat sa iyo
Sa bawat aral ng buhay na ibinahagi mo
Bagamat sa mata ng iba ikaw ay hindi perpekto
Para sa akin dakila ka,dahil ako’y nandirito ng dahil sa’yo

Naging mistulang tagabantay man kita noon
Sa mga manliligaw ay palaging tumututol
Aking tagahatid kung saan man ako paroroon
Tila buntot na saki’y habol ng habol

Ngunit sadyang napakapalad ko lang talaga
Na sa lahat ay ikaw ang aking naging ama
Sa pag aruga sa pagkalinga mo talagang sobra sobra
Hindi ka man nakapagtapos,ama dakila ka

Aral sa iyong buhay ay sadyang napakalupit
Gaya ng sabi mo mga ito’y ayaw mo sa ami’y masapit
Iyong prinsipyo ay dakila kahit ikaw man ay nagigipit
Iyong pangaral na sa patalim kami’y huwag kakapit

Aking ama isa kang dakila
Nasaan man ako aking lakas sa’yo ko nakukuha
Tama ka sa lahat ng pangaral na iyong ipinamulat
Sa mata ng Diyos, sa mundo’y walang salat

“Grandpa thank you for the music” by Eureka C.Bianzon

So blessed how God gave me you

Of all the grandfathers in the world

I am guided with the sincerest love

Through you in every game I won

Someone who listens, who is proud

In every story that I tell

Someone who used to impart funny

Stories, who made me, laugh as well

Sings, plays wonderful songs

Shares music when my cheeks from tears are cold

Many times I’ve cried & hesitant to try

Yet you never failed to share me your sweet lullabies

My life you filled with so much happiness & joy

Wisdoms from you I’ll treasure

I’ll keep wherever I go

Thank you for the melodies that make me whole

Music which overcomes my fright and illuminate my soul

Each moment crept, yet I’m still so small

I’m wishing God will make days slower

For I want to spend to you my time

That means the most of all

To take care of you as I grow more older

Grandpa thank you  for the music

I’ll always admire you, in my heart you’ll always stay

Little things mean the most! Thank you

For sharing me this

You made me live life with music you’ve given away

photograph by rzleytheshoots/rzleytheshoots@gmail.com

“I love you like I love your father” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Remember when we we’re passing by upon the wintry streets

You were crying that time my grandchild

I suddenly remember your father when he asked something to eat

He was that small when he showed me a desperate cry

I love you like I’d love your father

Now that I’m old hope you’ll take a look after him my grandson

We got no chance to spend each time together

Hope with you both there will be a great chance

Time is sweeping by, yet we got unvanished memories

With this eyes not that much to see, with this ear

Which can hear your voice silently

We don’t know when this time turn last

Being apart from you will be this heart’s deep aghast

The light of your smiles, such a blessing that I could keep

This brought happiness to my eyes that weep

With you I’ve seen your father whom I missed to be with

Reminds me of promises of those happy years

When you grow up tell your father that I love him the most

My heart’s filled with tears when I left him alone

I’ve went far to sustain his needs

Now I realized that I miss him

I’ve missed those valuable things with him

Photograph by photographer Franco Andrade Naron

“Until This Moment We Grown Old” by Eureka C. Bianzon


The leaves are old

The dried ones are start flying

Our body abruptly affected with cold

Hair strands turned gray my darling


More than 50 years of spending each day with you

Were all quite adorning

From those years until this day when I’m with you

You never ceased from loving

We’ve been together predestined for each other

You dowered me with real imperial friendship and love

You’ve been with me with all triumphs I’ve encountered

You gave me hope and illuminated my life


We’ve raised our children with a happy family

Years gone by all of them are in their own destination

Thank you darling for loving me eternally

For staying with me,

For being with me in years of happiness and frustrations


You’ve been my strength; you’ve been my pillar of support

The unconditional you gave me brightened up my world

For those times when we were young

Until this moment we grown old


Photograph by photographer Jesse James Fernandez
Published by KABAYAN weekly UAE
column “POEM OF VIEW”
January 20-26 ,2013