Creative art from God’s divine

Creative art of Almighty I adore

Bluish purple sky , changes its color

Chirping birds compose a song

And make you feel to sing along

Calming breeze ,cool wind

Makes you feel love deep within

Appreciating life’s beauty & blessings

Our Almighty God has given

Heaven and earth intertwine

Being held by rays of sunshine

Creative art from God’s divine

His Love that lasts a lifetime


“I rock the world” by Eureka C. Bianzon

My day was once bask with shadow

My unrest heart surrounded with woes

I secluded myself from brute people

Hence I shared my music & rock the world

Breathtaking sounds stole my attention

Helped me to remain in my seclusion

Wild waves from different situation

Flooded valleys created dawns

Rough verses seem an echo with sense

Delivering the message of its soul content

To rock the world is the easiest way to blow

To stream the depth feeling and let it flow

I rock the world with surge sound of thunder

Waking up every human to face each battle

Lighting the weary minds from earthly ill

To stand for the right to crown each will

Artist: Harris Dio Smith
Photoraphy by: Lyle Daguino Ham

“I’m a fan of yours” by Eureka C. Bianzon

How simple my life now that you are here

How I cherish each tune you dare to give

I have fallen in love with the way you sing

Seemed like I’m in a lullaby

Of a wonderful dream

Please don’t stop singing for it holds my heart

I’m a fan of yours who will watch

Over you even from afar

Each time you sing my heart skips a beat

It brings happiness to my heart

And part of me that weep

You’re a sweet voice sent from above

You’re lore of melodies in my ear

You possessed a heart of sweet love

Knowing you can’t wait for me to hear

Please don’t stop singing my angel from afar

Your voice raises me up to an eternity

Shining forever like a distant star

Whose music brings life in darn reality

“MUSIC” by Eureka C. Bianzon

When I play my music

It takes me to somewhere else

A place where I can bear all the pain

A place where I can be me

I thank God for He created music

It tells me not to rely with someone else

It is where happiness earnestly I seek

Serenity which I could find within myself

Music is my fascination

It defines my life with harmony

Music is my inspiration

It opens my eyes to a new me

Music drives out darkness

It illuminates my mind

It soothes my loneliness

It heals my heart most of the time

Photograph by photographer Franco Andrade Naron

“Music throughout My Life” by Eureka C. Bianzon

In a world of music art

It can be played or even heard

Just listen to ,it is in your heart

an inspiration lies on it, you deserve..

Melodies of music art

Brought my life to its brand new start

Never stop playing it soft & right

Even losing my rhythm throughout my life

I won’t be here if not because of music

Music that God has imparted me

It made me achieve wonderful things,

It made  me flap up my wings….

Photo courtesy of Photographer Mark Tomboc

“Another Night with My Music” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Another night of me being alone

In the busy streets

Listening  on my music  leaded me

In hardest places to reach

This is my world,

My own paradise

These are my words”

No music no life”

My music magnificently forth

Into the night

It’s the only thing

That makes me feel alive

When everything goes wrong,

My music makes them right

Music is my life,

My music is my desire…..~


Photograph by photographer Jesse James Fernandez