Poem for Father Francis Ralph

Soft spoken voice you possessed

Your heart in kindness was the best

When your Illness put your body to a test 

Pain won’t allow you  to take a rest

Almost a year I was not able to see you

I wondered how your day was going through?

There were couple of things I wanted to give you

But time took the chance for me to hand them 

To you 

A photo of my wedding when you did the ceremony

A photo of my family  you blessed, together

with my baby

I know if you see me right now ,you wouldn’t

want me to be sad

You’ll tell me to pray , and you being in 

A better place should make us glad

Father Francis Ralph , you’re in my thoughts

and prayers tonight

Thank you for the prayers you bestowed to my

Family each night

You’re  with the Heavenly Father, happy , healthy

and well

I will always remember you , especially when churches ring their bells.

Goodbye Father Francis Ralph, thank you forthe beautiful memories

Thank you for being a wonderful priest and friend to all of us.