“Puppeteer”by Eureka C.Bianzon


A puppet player on a puppet show

Defining her skills of her own creation

Puppetry been her uttermost passion

Delivering happiness to children in entire



Isn’t it amazing how they unleash our imaginations?

And how they play the puppets for inspirations

A puppet on strings could be you

You can get motivated by the people

That surround you


Either way you could be a puppeteer too

Who could share Inspirations in every play that you do

But remember the only one who holds our strings

Is the Almighty up on heaven who’s watching

In everything that we do or we have been

“Happy 3rd Anniversary Kabayan weekly”by Eureka C.Bianzon


Happy 3rd anniversary Kabayan weekly

We work hand in hand
In every way we made people to understand
Our purpose as writers and contributors of Kabayan
In 3 years we created a family we served as one
 May the Lord God always bless us
With strength, wisdom, power of mind
So we may continuously share our purpose
So we may spread the good news to the world at all times
 Happy 3rd anniversary Kabayan weekly
Thank you for making each dream a reality
May we grow more and remain as one family
For us to serve more and share our newspaperin its diversity


“There’s always a hope for passionate hearts” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Darkness shadows the brightest isle
Rain covers the clouds in the sky
Sadness steals the happiest smiles
Tears blurry the vision of the teary eyes

Anger stops those who laugh so hard
Even heartache stops the loving heart
Pain numb those who tried so hard
Frustration discourages those passionate hearts

Light always brighten up the darkest isle
There’s always a sun after the ominous sky
Smiles brighten up the saddest life
There’s always a person who will
Wipe off those tears in your eyes

Patience will make your anger subside
There’s always a right love in a perfect time
Never give up even if you’ve tried so hard
There’s always a hope for passionate hearts

“Garden of Lore” by Eureka C. Bianzon


A brighter garden where beautiful flowers run
Amazed me like a mother bee which
sings a little hum
Never faded beauty from the glorious rays of the sun
Unfading flowers gave me the reasons to come

On the air I stretched my little arms
Unveiled my emotions with sheer happiness from its charm
Like a bird that flies gazing them
on the ground
Filling up the garden of lore with my sweet giggling sound
This is how my morning leaps
Appreciating every little thing that world could give
I would love to spend the rest of the day in here
‘Till the sunset comes and let me fall asleep

“Borrowed life” by Eureka C. Bianzon

If we’re taking care all of those things we borrowed from our fellow men
How about this temporary life we borrowed long time from heaven
Life which will be taken and we will be returning one day
But, what if it has full of scratches and endless dismay?

Borrowed life must remain healthy and strong
And we humans are the ones who could keep
The sheerness of our souls
Detrimental things come and obstacles may never end
Yet we are the ones who could lift it up
In our way to heaven

There’s a chance to heal our wounded life
There’s still a chance to make things right
From those dire desires
This is now, not tomorrow nor day
After tomorrow
For no one knows on this day will be the last
Day of our souls

“Nature’s love “

The sky is high and the fields are low

Both places where I am so glad to go

As sun rises following my shadows slow

The cool wind glides on my hair

As it blows

Down the trunk I sat and stare

Gazing on the sunlight as it glares

Unwinding on this tree which gives me shade

Oh! How thankful I am for everything God has made

Truly the love nature is what we seek

Like dancing ducks that walk in the fields

Enjoying the stream of water in the creek

Using leaves as comfort and shields

God’s blessings are beyond compare

If we give time to appreciate them well

Bestow them with much love and care

Nature’s love is this world is always fair

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” Direction” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Never allow nuisance thoughts shadow your mind
Yet discover your weaknesses and do things
to make them fine
Never allow yourself to find the mistakes from
your fellow men
Hence discover your own faults and help yourself
to mend

Never compare yourself to anyone with insecurities
Nor engage yourself in acts of cruelty
Thus gather good examples to mold your qualities
And draw yourself closer with life’s opportunities

Move forward and look for a good direction
Show your own strengths and abilities without hesitation
Never let yourself to be down beyond your imperfection
Just be true to yourself and avoid the acts of impersonation

The liveliness of your life is within you
The faith from above will always guide you in what
you do
Believe in yourself, and find your direction through
Remember you have the biggest part
in making your dreams come true

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Grandmothers are the mostprecious gift by Eureka C. Bianzon

In her rocking chair she sits and says her prayers
For us her children and her grand-daughters
She spends her time trying to reminisce
Whether small,big and unforgettable memories

She might forget our names little by little
Yet all of us are special and dear in her heart
She might forget things we did for her
But in her heart all has been kept in there

In her heart we know how she wants to spend
her time with us
She might not travel so often to visit us
But in her heart and mind she always do
She misses us, and looks forward of seeing
her too

Her time of stay is becoming so short
So let us not prohibit our time
For she’s getting more old
Let us spend our moments with her
with full of joys
For our grandmothers are the most
precious gift given in this world

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“Rays of light will always come” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Long ago I was a courage empty man
But then I suddenly received the encouragement
From heaven
I ran grasping the rays of the sun
Life fulfilling moment for my emptiness to mend

I leaped in lengthy steps to reach my goal
Wandered my mind wide restoring my soul
Devious triumphs I surpassed to win the race
For the heaven is with me
Even on those challenging days

I surfed; I sailed away regardless of my freezing hand
For I’ve gained the courage to reach my ever dreamed land
A land with full of hopes that will encourage everyone
That life might be basked with dark weary clouds
Yet there’s certainty that rays of light will always come

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“Mother Nature” by Eureka C. Bianzon

How sweet it is to view the clear blue sky
Green, beautiful trees reaching the mountain highs
Drizzling dew drops on leaves as cold as the wind blows
Just few of amazing things God has created that
We just need to know

How charming it is to wake up with the rays of light
A blessed morning, a chance of life to witness the sunlight
Fresh air that we breathe in, the breeze of wind is so soothing
Sounds of nature we need to appreciate like those singing birds
Flying with their wings

How amazing it is to feel the warmness of the sands
On beach shores, with gentle waves that slowly come
Colorful butterflies that fly and lay on my arm
Sweet things that amazed me
because of their charms
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How blessed life is with these wonderful things
Our Mother Nature is painted with God’s kindness of everything
May it be appreciated of the wondrous things it serves
May its children give love and render the care it deserves

“Never take real happiness for granted”by Eureka C. Bianzon

There are many beautiful things in life
We just take for granted
Small things needed to be recognized
And be appreciated
They might be colorless and clear
But these things may help our hearts heal

Sometimes people find happiness through
Luxurious things in life
Even forgetting those people their
Real happiness behind
Yet losing someone we love can never
Be replaced
By richness, gold, expensive cars
Even of grandeur and fame

Happiness can never be found on material things
These are just temporary possession that blind
Our inner being
God created real happiness that once it’s gone
It will be hard for the heart to mend
So never take real happiness for granted

For regret always come at the end

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