Why do I love Art?

It allows me to create by expressing my own self
And makes feel that I am one those very dedicated elf

Striving hard to finish a thing , a beautiful thing

For someone like me it’s extra ordinary thing
It allows me to use my heart  even my graceful hands

A solace feeling that an artist could deeply understand

Art is what I love and thing I always want to do

It is  my expression of freedom whenever I’m in blue
It makes people happy  as well as myself

Whenever they appreciate things  I’ve created myself

It comes from my soul,  through my eyes that glows

A gift,  I would love to pursue and treasure above all…
Author: Eureka Bianzon Robey


“Puppeteer”by Eureka C.Bianzon


A puppet player on a puppet show

Defining her skills of her own creation

Puppetry been her uttermost passion

Delivering happiness to children in entire



Isn’t it amazing how they unleash our imaginations?

And how they play the puppets for inspirations

A puppet on strings could be you

You can get motivated by the people

That surround you


Either way you could be a puppeteer too

Who could share Inspirations in every play that you do

But remember the only one who holds our strings

Is the Almighty up on heaven who’s watching

In everything that we do or we have been

“Happy 3rd Anniversary Kabayan weekly”by Eureka C.Bianzon


Happy 3rd anniversary Kabayan weekly

We work hand in hand
In every way we made people to understand
Our purpose as writers and contributors of Kabayan
In 3 years we created a family we served as one
 May the Lord God always bless us
With strength, wisdom, power of mind
So we may continuously share our purpose
So we may spread the good news to the world at all times
 Happy 3rd anniversary Kabayan weekly
Thank you for making each dream a reality
May we grow more and remain as one family
For us to serve more and share our newspaperin its diversity


“There’s always a hope for passionate hearts” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Darkness shadows the brightest isle
Rain covers the clouds in the sky
Sadness steals the happiest smiles
Tears blurry the vision of the teary eyes

Anger stops those who laugh so hard
Even heartache stops the loving heart
Pain numb those who tried so hard
Frustration discourages those passionate hearts

Light always brighten up the darkest isle
There’s always a sun after the ominous sky
Smiles brighten up the saddest life
There’s always a person who will
Wipe off those tears in your eyes

Patience will make your anger subside
There’s always a right love in a perfect time
Never give up even if you’ve tried so hard
There’s always a hope for passionate hearts

“May this soul and mind travel in Celestial place”by Eureka C.Bianzon

Unto my page so good to turn
Poems with deepest meaning as a burn
Different marks, deepness and signs
Each masterpiece I’ve crafted from my soul,heart and mind

May the Almightly resolve my futilely unbowed
Endear me to His golden words
to be shared to the crowd
May this soul travel in celestial place
And wander here down the earth
to engrave each phrase


“Rays of light will always come” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Long ago I was a courage empty man
But then I suddenly received the encouragement
From heaven
I ran grasping the rays of the sun
Life fulfilling moment for my emptiness to mend

I leaped in lengthy steps to reach my goal
Wandered my mind wide restoring my soul
Devious triumphs I surpassed to win the race
For the heaven is with me
Even on those challenging days

I surfed; I sailed away regardless of my freezing hand
For I’ve gained the courage to reach my ever dreamed land
A land with full of hopes that will encourage everyone
That life might be basked with dark weary clouds
Yet there’s certainty that rays of light will always come

Mypenandsoul.wordpress.com © 2014 All rights reserved

“A craftsman” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Materials are gathered

 Thought of something to do

Trash from the floor collected

 Heading to craft for something new


Beholds a creative heart and mind

A craftsman is one of a kind

Calloused hands you may see

Those got the skills of accuracy


Stunning arts we could never have imagined

From a craftsman who possessed deepest passion

Of art in everything

Hardworking creature who painted the world with beauty

          A craftsman is a person we shall admire from his utmost creativity



“Creative Hands” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Mystery of an art from an artist touch

Can’t be seen by the naked eye that much

Nor the deep meaning is so hard to understand

How the sendeth soul lives in his creative hands

The beauty of art he crafted, splendor things he made

On each plain and obsolete things, colorful life he gave

Creative hands sagaciously unleashing soul

Sharing the beauty of art as God’s gift to all

photograph and artwork by Darwin Guevarra

“I’m a fan of yours” by Eureka C. Bianzon

How simple my life now that you are here

How I cherish each tune you dare to give

I have fallen in love with the way you sing

Seemed like I’m in a lullaby

Of a wonderful dream

Please don’t stop singing for it holds my heart

I’m a fan of yours who will watch

Over you even from afar

Each time you sing my heart skips a beat

It brings happiness to my heart

And part of me that weep

You’re a sweet voice sent from above

You’re lore of melodies in my ear

You possessed a heart of sweet love

Knowing you can’t wait for me to hear

Please don’t stop singing my angel from afar

Your voice raises me up to an eternity

Shining forever like a distant star

Whose music brings life in darn reality

“A writer who shares life “by Eureka C. Bianzon

Written tales on your wall
Caught my attention to read the whole
Shared thoughts from your keen mind
Spirit of memory rare of kind

Unveiling something, from your sheer heart
Brings light to people’s life
Moral stories you impart
Brighten one’s day from a troubled night

Continue sharing your stories
To give courage to the feeble hearts
For it stirs your wonderful memories
As a writer who shares life on its nicest part