“Her inner beauty”

A graceful expression her eyes possessed
A book of victory from her life’s quest
A smile despite a heart beneath unrest
A sage being full of love and sweet caress

Nobody knows what her wrinkles meant
In the eyes of God she was a heavenly sent
A face full of love , a heart with pure intent
Who nurtures , who raised well the innocents

Her charm may fade but not her inner beauty
Day after day her being is renewed inwardly
Contentment she has as she fulfilled her duty
A true reflection of beauty from being worthy

Goodbye Grandma, I will miss you

Tears I have shed, remembering those things you’ve taught me

Through the years you were there, you watched me grow

Love , kindness , sweetness acts of you I’ve got to see

You’ve been there for me for the things I needed to know

Grandma every word from your voice I deeply remember

And all that I think about now is you today

I’m sorry if I won’t have the chance to be there

I’d love you grandma in so many ways

Now as I opened and closed my eyes

Only your face tickles my mind

Oh how I remember you were there by my side

And now my heart aches from your saddest goodbye

Now I realized how much I miss you

I know that you will still be watching over me

I’ve learned so many things from you

I will never ever forget those ’til eternity

I know that you’re happy with the Heavenly father right now

In God’s time we will be seeing each other somehow

In my heart your memories will always remain

Grandma I’ll miss you, ’til we meet each other again


“Mom you’re my only best friend” by Eureka C. Bianzon

You were up in the early morning just for me
And prepared everything I needed to see
But when I woke up I dressed up and ran so quickly
Not minding all of the things you’ve done for me
To the people I’ve denied you for so many times
Even telling your name I didn’t bear in my mind
Yet for everything you were there rain or shine
You always fight for my right as your dearest child
Years have gone by I lived independently
I’d never thought about you at all
Time runs so fast and things went immediately
Most people I’ve encountered in my life
Just say “hi and go”
Only you gave me the importance they didn’t show
Only you never left me and waited me to grow
Only If I could tell you now I would let you know
Mom you’re my only best friend
In this world I’ve known
Poem I’ve written from the story I’ve heard from
different people I’ve met, whom finally realized the importance
of their mothers, they’ve  treated as nothing…
I remember one of them denied her mom and told to her
friends that her mom was her nanny, and finally realized and felt how 
to be a mom when she became a mother also.

“Mother I love you, please forgive me”by Eureka C. Bianzon

I’ve been hurt your feelings many times
From doing such crazy things
And you couldn’t stop me most of the times
From doing such nuisance things
You didn’t mind if you have waited much
And ignored you when I got home
And your hand I didn’t try to reach
Nor dare to touch
Instead I told you to just leave me alone
You have seen me through all those years
I gave you much of falling tears
Yet your love stayed the same and
Never diminished
You were the best mom from all the
Love you’ve shared
Unconditional love you gave to me
Despite of all the dire mistakes I’ve done
Mother I love you, please forgive me
I’m in pain & shed much of tears
now that you’re gone
Poem I’ve written today thinking of the lady who just realized the love of her mom, when we brought her in her last resting place…I hope this poem will share the lesson to everyone…
“Mothers mold us wholeheartedly, love us unconditionally, their love is patient and forgiving no matter what”

Grandmothers are the mostprecious gift by Eureka C. Bianzon

In her rocking chair she sits and says her prayers
For us her children and her grand-daughters
She spends her time trying to reminisce
Whether small,big and unforgettable memories

She might forget our names little by little
Yet all of us are special and dear in her heart
She might forget things we did for her
But in her heart all has been kept in there

In her heart we know how she wants to spend
her time with us
She might not travel so often to visit us
But in her heart and mind she always do
She misses us, and looks forward of seeing
her too

Her time of stay is becoming so short
So let us not prohibit our time
For she’s getting more old
Let us spend our moments with her
with full of joys
For our grandmothers are the most
precious gift given in this world

Mypenandsoul.wordpress.com © 2014 All rights reserved

“Parents do love us unconditionally” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Parents do love us their children unconditionally
They’re always there for us no matter how the
reason it may be
They don’t care if they’re sleeping or having
a tired body
They would still willing to open their eyes
and ask us “how have you been lately?”
They might feel bad about their health
Yet they will never complain & ask for help
Hence they will offer their love & continuous care
Even if we are afar they always do through
their constant prayer
They might get angry or sensitive
When we didn’t give them a call
Please do understand them because
they’re getting old
They need more of our love and care
as what they did for us before
Time is passing that someday
a chance of being with them will be no more
Parents do love us unconditionally
Sometimes we just ignore & not dare to see
They’re the most precious gift God has been
Show them now how much you love them
while the chance is not yet the end.
Mypenandsoul.wordpress.com © 2014 All rights reserved

 “Happy birthday grandma” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Grandma you’re one of a kind

I’m so thankful for those times

How you raised me through your loving eyes

Grandma you’re really loving ,kind, and wise

I remember the words “Strong and vigorous”

These words you’ve told us, which really describe you

Oh grandma, today is your birthday, I thank God for

Another year of your life

Happy birthday grandma, if you only knew I really wanted

To see your smile

Thank you for the prayers you bestowed to each one of us

Your wishes for us your grandchildren are so wonderful and divine

Oh grandma, thank you for my mom, she’s so caring as you

Thank you for the values you’ve taught her for us to do

Happy birthday grandma, this poem is for you

I hope you would feel how much I love you

I’m looking forward to embrace you again

Be strong and safe always grandma

’til we meet each other again

“Simple things meant a thousand words” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Simple things mean the most

A smile, warm hug, one hello

Precious things aren’t needed to be expensive

Simple gestures are much expressive

The smile from people, giggling of innocents

The laughter you could hear from them

These are pearls of wonderful moments

Which are treasurable than luxurious things

Little things mean the most

Simple things in life mean a lot

Too often we either don’t realize or know

How much we have until they’ve gone

Embrace them like heaven

Little things matters the most

Appreciate life for each little gift it has given

For simple things meant a thousand words

Photograph by RzleyTheShoots/rzleytheshoots2gmail.com http://500px.com/rzleytheshoots