“Her inner beauty”

A graceful expression her eyes possessed
A book of victory from her life’s quest
A smile despite a heart beneath unrest
A sage being full of love and sweet caress

Nobody knows what her wrinkles meant
In the eyes of God she was a heavenly sent
A face full of love , a heart with pure intent
Who nurtures , who raised well the innocents

Her charm may fade but not her inner beauty
Day after day her being is renewed inwardly
Contentment she has as she fulfilled her duty
A true reflection of beauty from being worthy

“That day was my best time to go”

It  was my time to say goodbye to all

Moment I’d been waiting as I recall 

Please do not be lonely nor feel empty

My heart is at peace that now I am free 

Sorry If  I didn’t wait for your presence 

I wanted that you would  be  with your friends 

Perhaps that day was my best time to go

I didn’t feel your tears falling from sorrow

Now I do not  want you to grieve for me

I want you to live life  and be happy

I’d been blessed with friends and family

I laughed, cared and loved most importantly

Tonight I know you’re praying for my soul

Farewell is not easy, please remain whole

I wish you a sky filled with huge rainbow

And sunshine when you wake up tomorrow


I always want to be with you

Here you are sleeping between my arms

While I look out the window and see the stars

Wishing that from you I will never be far

For I always want to be with you my little star

I can hear your breathing like music to my ears

I always want to be with you so I can listen to your fears

You’re my life,my dear child ,my dear

I always want to be with you so I can wipe your eyes when they’re in tears

When I kiss your forehead it’s telling me

Mommy I want to be with you too wherever I may be

I always want to be with you so you can see me

As I grow older , I always want you right here beside me.


“Being with you” by Eureka C.Bianzon

You lighten me during my darkest hour

You saved my heart in so many ways

You always give me my motive power

Since I found you I feel so secured everyday


There’s a love song ringing in my ears

Singing you’re my forever, my world, my life

Your voice is the sweetest melody I’ve ever heard

It motivates me to wear my loveliest smile


Every day I knew that you’re someone I can hold

 Someone to whom I can share my world

Being with you I couldn’t ask for more

You made this feeling stronger than before

Salamat sa mga ina ni Eureka.C.Bianzon

Galak ang hatid ng  bawat araw na daratal
Mga pagbati sa mga inang minamahal
Gaya ng agos ng tubig sadyang walang
Patuloy ang pagpupugay ng mga supling na may-ibig

Kung tatantuhin lamang ng pusong masigasig
Pag aarugang ginampanan ng ina
Na walang ligalig
Buong buhay ay inilaan ng walang halong pagdaing
Upang matupad ng supling ang
bawat mithiin

Salamat sa mga ina, na syang tanging ilaw ng tahanan
Tungkuling ginagampan sadyang kayhirap pantayan
Siyang tanging susi sa bawat pusong may yaman
Ng disiplina,pananalig, na tanging ina lamang ang mapakapaglalaan

“No one can give better the love of a mother”by Eureka C.Bianzon

No one can give better the love of a mother
Neither your best friend,your friends
  and who among the others
A mother will never let you pay for all
The things she have done for you
She will never ask for an exchange
Neither gives you the receipts of all
Stuffs she bought for you

If so,I guess a mother is the richest individual in the world
How many children she raised
And sent to school
She teaches  many things that give a
child a strong foundation
The values from her love is the stability
Of our emotions

No one can give better the love of a mother
She is the one who endows an endless acceptance without hesitation
We can never find her infinite love from the others
For she holds the purest love without
Any condition

“Mother bird” by Eureka C.Bianzon

The dark clouds warned of a rain
Yet she  kept on hunting and never been dismayed
She remained firm and unafraid
And ready to head home again

Her mighty wings were disturbed by
the heavy rain
And a noise that has been made bothered her when she heard
A mother bird suddenly nestled up again
And checked her hatchling little birds

Hunted worms were on her beak
She excitedly feed up the hungry birds
Not minding if nothing will be left on her
As she will fly off again when they
fall asleep

“Mom you’re my only best friend” by Eureka C. Bianzon

You were up in the early morning just for me
And prepared everything I needed to see
But when I woke up I dressed up and ran so quickly
Not minding all of the things you’ve done for me
To the people I’ve denied you for so many times
Even telling your name I didn’t bear in my mind
Yet for everything you were there rain or shine
You always fight for my right as your dearest child
Years have gone by I lived independently
I’d never thought about you at all
Time runs so fast and things went immediately
Most people I’ve encountered in my life
Just say “hi and go”
Only you gave me the importance they didn’t show
Only you never left me and waited me to grow
Only If I could tell you now I would let you know
Mom you’re my only best friend
In this world I’ve known
Poem I’ve written from the story I’ve heard from
different people I’ve met, whom finally realized the importance
of their mothers, they’ve  treated as nothing…
I remember one of them denied her mom and told to her
friends that her mom was her nanny, and finally realized and felt how 
to be a mom when she became a mother also.

“Inang puno ng pagmamahal” ni Eureka C.Bianzon

Hindi alintala nang magdusa’t maghinagpis
Sapagka’t pag ibig ay wagas sa anak na piling
Hinahandugan ng buong pagmamahal ng labis
Matanaw lamang ang labing may saya ang syang
Tanging hiling
Inang puno ng pagmamahal na tila may batis sa
Patuloy ang pag –agos hindi naaalintala
Waring dugong puno ng pag ibig
Hanggang may hininga’y hindi mapapatid
Nais lamang na ibuhos ay yaring lubos na
Sa natatanging anak puso’y hindi magawang
Tanging pangarap ay matiwasay na kasasadlakan
Sa pag ihip ng panahon ang anak ay may
Itagong labis na yaman
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“Mother I love you, please forgive me”by Eureka C. Bianzon

I’ve been hurt your feelings many times
From doing such crazy things
And you couldn’t stop me most of the times
From doing such nuisance things
You didn’t mind if you have waited much
And ignored you when I got home
And your hand I didn’t try to reach
Nor dare to touch
Instead I told you to just leave me alone
You have seen me through all those years
I gave you much of falling tears
Yet your love stayed the same and
Never diminished
You were the best mom from all the
Love you’ve shared
Unconditional love you gave to me
Despite of all the dire mistakes I’ve done
Mother I love you, please forgive me
I’m in pain & shed much of tears
now that you’re gone
Poem I’ve written today thinking of the lady who just realized the love of her mom, when we brought her in her last resting place…I hope this poem will share the lesson to everyone…
“Mothers mold us wholeheartedly, love us unconditionally, their love is patient and forgiving no matter what”

“Pagmamahal ng mapagmahal na ina” ni Eureka C.Bianzon

Noong ako ay maysakit sya ay hindi nakatulog
Mga mata nya’y nakatuon sa akin hanggang ako
Ay makatulog
Siya’y balisa,kung anong gamot ang sa akin ay
Kung maaari aking sakit ay kanyang angkinin
Kung iyon ang magiging solusyon
Kanyang ngiti ay iaalay at sasabihing
“Anak ikaw din ay gagaling”
Ako ay nandirito hindi ka iiwan
Kaya’t matulog ka ng mahimbing”
Pagmamahal ng mapagmahal na ina
Ang syang pumukaw sa akin
Na ako kailan man ay hindi mag iisa
Sapagkat siya’y mananatili palagi sa
Aking piling