“Teacher, a Rainbow of Hope”

She moves the world,  she gives hope that dreams could happen

She is  a gift from God ,like an angel  sent 

from heaven

A sage creature beyond compare,

Knowledge she always ought to share

She herself exist in her dedicated yet free spirit 

She touches students lives since  they were kids

Her words of praises blossom like flowers

Encouragements that remain in the heart forever

For you she may seems  to care a little

But for her she cares about you not being belittled

She will do her best to strengthen your heart

To walk with honor to shine gracefully above

She is a teacher, a rainbow of hope

Her fruit of knowledge helps each human soul

Her love of learning may dispense in this world

So dreams will come true and shine like a gold


©️Marilou Eureka Bianzon Robey

Published Author of My Pen & Soul

A Collection of Artwork & Poetry

The book is now available i

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“Thank you Teacher” by Eureka C. Bianzon

When I was seven you’ve taught me how to read the alphabet

Reading for me that time was uneasy, yet you’ve been so patient

You guided my hand to write my name

You’ve let me knew things and places I’ve never been

Thank you teacher for always being there for me

Until I reached in high school and finished my college degree

Thank you for appreciating every little thing that I can

You’ve seemed the very first person who were there to understand

Now I’m here crossing the horizon guided by the things you’ve shared

Knowledge you’ve imparted me gave me a great help

My gratitude for I’ve known this world through you

Thank you teacher I’ll always cherish and treasure the most in you