Remember to watch & talk to me at Sunset

The sky turns orange , the sun is waving  goodbye

Time to ascend in heaven while birds sing their lullabies

I will be in a celestial place where things are

wonderful to describe

Please smile knowing that up there I  have a happy life

Hey! now I can see you wiping your teary eyes

Think I will still have my  fuzzy blanket and unlimited chocolate pies!

I  walk in a beautiful garden with my favorite butterflies

Surrounded by angels isn’t it an amazing sight?

Please don’t feel weary and blue

Know every minute of the day I am with you

Our unfading memories will be cherished from where and when they began.

Remember to watch & talk to me at sunset, my only One

When I die, this is how I would want my husband to remember me. He knows I love to watch the sunrise and the sunset, I love my fuzzy blanket & my chocolate. I love nature , butterflies and birds.

I want him to know that I’m always around.

A wonderful person

It takes a big heart

To love

It takes calm ears

To listen

It takes a clear mind

To understand

It takes clear eyes

To appreciate beauty 

It takes a loving soul

To care

It takes warm arms

To give comfort

It takes a wonderful person

To show these words


His heart is place I call my home

There’s a man so loving and sweet

Who tickles my heart so deep

When i look to his eyes that speak

There’s a soul that I would love to keep

Forever I’ll treasure our bond

He will be  forever in my heart and beyond

‘Til the water gets dry in  the ocean

‘Til leaves  on all trees are gone

This man is who I call my husband

Who brightens my day like the sun

Whose love is as colorful as morning dawn

His heart is place I call my home


Sometimes it’s nice to know that someone cares

Sometimes it’s nice to feel that we’re home

In someone’s heart and not of being alone

Weariness and loneliness will surely gone

From being safe and secure  in someone’s arms

Sometimes it’s nice to know that someone cares

A sad heart heals, even from far away

A sense of belongingness will surely stays

And meaning of love is felt and will never stray 


A man who completes my life by eureka Bianzon Robey

Today I love a better man

Someone who fetters the feeling that I cannot break

A man who treasures me of who I am

And accepted me beyond my dire mistakes


I am now a better one

For I knew there’s a man who’ll complete my day

Someone who believes in everything that I can

Who shows me his support in so many ways


So blessed God let me to be with

a man who completes my life

I will hold on to faith and surely cherish him

For this is the loveliest and best ever day of my life

Oh! My sweet heart of mine by Eureka Bianzon Robey

Watching a bird flew my window by
Over the hills to the sky
Focuses my memory turn upon
In seeing you again in spite the horizon bound

Oh! My sweet heart of mine,
You’re the reason behind these smiles
Whose voice is a melody from the far land
Reaches upon the level sea and distant sand

My sweet heart of mine
Thank you for loving me more and more
Across this distant time
Our love gets stronger than before

We may at various distances
We may on separate lakes
In spite of several spatial points
Being with you is nearer to take

You’re the loveliest and the best
You’re the life of my soul’s content
From far I will always love you, I won’t rest
See you! My wonderful gift God has sent

Poem of Love

This poem of love is yours

Lines and verses forever to recall

Simple words of love from my soul

Our shared memories after all

Before you sleep tonight

Let my poem of love hug you tight

Read it, place it in your heart

Feel the words I have from the start

This poem of love is yours alone

My love, my desire my passion

It is where the magic between us stored

Cherish the love I expressed with words


My Angel by Eureka Bianzon Robey

My angel we’re almost near to reach the sceptre moon
From the songs we sing with
Loving tune
How fondly we played our music
Very precious  moment of  having each other

My angel this night with you is such serene and fair
Feeling the cold wind blowing upon your hair
Sweet night of music of being with you
My angel my heart never stopped beating because of you

Oh my angel with innocent face
You’re the sweetest lore after a long day
Your charm never ceased still with amazing glaze
You’re melodious voice vibrates
The surrounding place

Feel this love darling by Eureka Bianzon Robey

Come lay here with me ,

Place your head on my pillow

Share this night with me

Feel this love and let it flow

Hold my hand darling,

Feel this love which I have from within

I feel I’m into something

My heart seems never stopped beating

Mysterious mystic melody

Seems that I’m dreaming

Feel this love darling it’ll never be wrong

Feel this love I’ve been waiting for so long

Feel this love my sincerest devotion

Feel this love darling all night long

From here ’til eternity by Eureka Bianzon Robey

Every day I thank God for the times that we spend together

Since the day that we met, I am certain that we will be forever

I have been in a world of bliss when you asked for my hands

That moment my heart gained its peace, and feeling which

Was really hard to understand

There’s so much about you that warms my heart

You always amaze me in every day

Even on those days when we were apart

I thought before to find one true love was impossible

Yet with you all doubts in my heart & mind have gone at all

Still I couldn’t get over the fact that this is really happening

That with you I’m going to spend the rest of my life

, and in the future, will be the mother of our kids

Thank you for giving your heart to me

I promise to love you from here ’til eternity