You look Familiar To Me by Jhake Morales (My Pen & Soul Featured Poet)

Stunned! I had this disoriented impression

I feel like I am so lost on verge of confusion

It appears that I’ve been taken over by a doppelganger

I changed a lot, the way I behave and even my manner.

I’m looking at the man  standing in front of the mirror 

I could hardly recognize him- felt like hollow

I know him 10 years ago

Now, he comes off so new.

Oops! I remember you now! What an abrupt change you had!

you’ve got a mustache and you’re now bald

with the mustache, you sound wiser when you speak

with the bald head, a  foolish man on the way you think.

you dress up like a boss

you messed up! still, gross

a respected man inside his office

At home, a discourteous man and lawless 

You look wealthy

Your pocket is full of money

Your lifestyle is unhealthy

Brandy, whiskey, and nicotine reside in your body.

Congratulations! You achieved everything you wanted

But where is the wisdom that once in your head was planted?

Where is kindness that in your heart was seeded?

 If these are the fruits, These are not worthy to be harvested!

I am now staring at the  man, face to face

Bit by bit he has gone too far 

I can see the happiness when he smiles

But sadness is striking from his eyes 

Oh please bring back your old self

Where contentment in  spirit dwells

Where you still know how to give and to share

Where success  is just steps and stairs

And not a place where our souls burn like hell 

Now, tell me who you were ten years ago?

What transformations did you consider yourself had grown?

 My doppelganger should have been a better version of me

 Not the worst rendition of myself that I see.

©️Jhake Morales

Currently, Romeo Morales is one of FPB’s  Administrators-Group Expert and Conceptors. He is best known as “Jhake”  , fond of basic video editing, writing poems, short stories, flash fiction, essays  and songs.  His songs Entitled “SAGWAN” and “Please Leave me” and “Close the Door” were played last year in E25 records- NET25.

His most recent achievement in writing is when he bagged 3rd place in this year’s  ANG SINGKAW poem writing competition( Filipino Medium). In his free time, Jhake likes to play online video games and play Volleyball with his friends.

Poet Jhake Morales is one of the Administrators of Filipino Poets in Blossoms, who is known not only from his moving poems but also from amazing videos he presented to the group. A very humble man with so many talents. 

I am very glad that I have known him through FPB. I can't wait to read and see more of his awesome works.

Good future starts from home 

Artwork by Marilou Eureka Bianzon Robey

What causes quarrels , what causes fights

What makes children decide which is wrong or which is right

The truth is each of them were born innocents, 

Is this  the root of human predicament?

Love begins at home and so as discipline

Guidance from family is an imperative thing

Introduce God as early ,  so they may follow the creed

Nurture them,  emphasize the difference of wants from needs

Teach them how to be compassionate while they’re young 

Raise a pet at home or plant a tree to grow

Teach them to be patient , give them time  to understand 

Every little thing that matters that they need to know

Support their talents , develop their passions

This is the only way to divert their attentions

From peer pressure and unknown insecurities

The more they know, it opens the opportunities

Teach them how to fish, so they will learn to  strive

So later  in life they they will learn how  to survive 

Educate them so they will know things not only by the books

Emphasize that everyone deserves respect not only by how  they look

It will start in a loving home with loving family that cares

Their  paths will be lightened from words of God that  we share

Let the children dream, and believe what they can do

What matters is the moral support that comes from me & you


Written by Marilou Eureka Bianzon Robey ,Published author of My Pen & Soul, book is now available on Amazon,Lulu, & Bookemon

“Teacher, a Rainbow of Hope”

She moves the world,  she gives hope that dreams could happen

She is  a gift from God ,like an angel  sent 

from heaven

A sage creature beyond compare,

Knowledge she always ought to share

She herself exist in her dedicated yet free spirit 

She touches students lives since  they were kids

Her words of praises blossom like flowers

Encouragements that remain in the heart forever

For you she may seems  to care a little

But for her she cares about you not being belittled

She will do her best to strengthen your heart

To walk with honor to shine gracefully above

She is a teacher, a rainbow of hope

Her fruit of knowledge helps each human soul

Her love of learning may dispense in this world

So dreams will come true and shine like a gold


©️Marilou Eureka Bianzon Robey

Published Author of My Pen & Soul

A Collection of Artwork & Poetry

The book is now available i

On Amazon

Act of Kindness( An Acrostic)

B_eing kind takes a lot of grace

E_vents will test us for our faith to embrace

K_ind word is sweetest music for the soul

I_t brightens someone else’s dreadful world

N_ice gesture is an act of humility

D_aily act of kindness shows humanity

A_ simple gesture of kindness  can save a life

N_o matter how small, even if it’s a friendly smile

D_o what makes your soul happy 

C_hange someone else’s life with your inner beauty

O_nly gift that we have that  cannot wither away

M_oments happen you’re an angel in your own little way

P_assion for helping others comes from within 

A_llow yourself to offer help in all living things

S_un radiates light, helping clouds to come out of darkness

S_o as you who shows understanding &  kindness

I_t is one of qualities of enlightened people

O_nly because it gives spiritual being a powerful symbol

N_one can ever live in peace without harmony

A_n act of kindness and compassion can ever give

T_his world will protect the helpless and the weak

E_xperience hope from the compassionate soul they received. 

Poem Title : “Act of Kindness” by Marilou Eureka Bianzon Robey. Published Author Of My Pen & Soul. Book is now available on Amazon ,Lulu and Bookemon

Since The Day You Were Born

God gifted us since the day you were born

You’re so perfect in your own human form

You have the most sweetest face my darling

Since then we knew you are our everything

You give us all the hope from things we face

Nothing else in this world can take your place

With  you our home became the happiest place

You’ve given love since the day you were born

How I  love to stare to your lovely face

You’re so angelic with  delicate form

You have scattered magic in  everything

You’re the best ever present my darling


Your giggles  keep us going my darling

You spread happiness all throughout our place 

Meaning of  family is everything

Importance you give on day you were born

This  can’t be replaced in luxurious form

All we need is your sweet and lovely face

I see your father when I see your face

Both of you are my life’s  world my darling

This place with you now has a joyful form

In this earth you give me a homey place

Ninety years you’re  the very first girl born

You are very special in everything

From then on  you became my everything

Each time I’m not with you , I see your face

Keeps reminding me on day you were born

You’re precious my Trinity my Darling

Thoughts about you never leave mommy’s  place

You are  a miracle came in human form

Miracles do happen in any form

One of them was you my everything

You are such a life and  joy of our place

Being with you no burdens we can’t  face

This is so true my sweetheart,my darling

You brought light  to us the day you were born

Writing this poem for you  makes my tears form

I can’t live without you my everything

You gave me purpose the day your were born


First Sestina poem I wrote , I will recheck this again in few days .

An Old Book with Lessons

 I put my makeup on to look younger for the day

Facing the mirror, I could think of nothing to say

I see myself as a lonely rose trying to look so young

With petals getting old, so soon to thrung

Oh my sad leaves will soon get dry and  fall

A lonely tree with branches that will get so weak to hold

How will I get the courage to stand firm?

When people see my mind as nothing to affirm

To few  I was an old woman with brooding thoughts

Sad they were the ones enamored my younger life 

But how my listless appearance will bring joy to their world

My hope they envisage that I could still be their light

Triumphantly yet heartbreakingly  at the same time

Grateful that I reach this age carrying my lessons in life

Sad that I’m nothing to some people’s eyes

But I know in my heart I am an old book with lessons ,to read is worth to try

©️ my-pen-and-soul

An Autumn Song by Me & You

Strumming my guitar strings

Rhyming with the autumn falling leaves

While  the birds  lovely sing

A comfort within starts to live

Music from my heart

Tunes that fly with the wind

It reaches the shining stars

As well as  the moonlight gleam

How I love playing my music in silence

It lingers in my heart and nimbles in my soul

It leads my hand to pen my musings

For the one I love, who keeps me whole

Under the moonlight in autumn breeze

Here’s  the song inspired by you

While my music and  thoughts start to kiss

An autumn song is finally made by me & you 

©️ by my-pen-and-soul

My Love is So Pure

My love dear is  deeper than the ocean 

It is a river that flows emotions 

You are my light, much brighter than the sun

You are my might, my dear my only one 

Nothing in this world for you I won’t keep 

Promises made will always bring delight 

My intention is whiter  than the sheeps

So pure , so sincere like moon in the night

I would like you to hear, these words I know

Like music to your ears , more than feelings

More than anything this heart will ever show

My love that will tell my inner being

And yet it’s you , who makes me happy above

And it’s  you I believe to fight for my love


Published author of My Pen & Soul

A Collection of Artwork and Poetry

The book is now available on Amazon

My Journey,My Life (Acrostic Poem)

M-y journey has never easy

Y-et the Almighty gives me strength daily

J-ourney that allows me to glorify God

O-vercome obstacles for the people I love

U-nderstanding circumstances

R-ealizing what lessons my journey would give

N-ot only from happiness, but all sufferings I’d received

E-nduring faith despite of thunderstorms in my path

Y-earning hope was given from all aftermaths

M-y life has been beautiful yet challenging journey

Y-ears, God’s love has been poured out to me

L-ife,  I am forever thankful and grateful

I-t may be hard sometimes , yet it is full

F-ull of love  and unforgettable  memories

E-very moment I will  treasure & cherish.

Clear Mind & Soul

Right after a steamy shower, 

I wrapped a towel  around my shoulder,

I looked at myself in the mirror,

I noticed everything was so  blurry.

I couldn’t see my image,

As if I couldn’t reach my pilgrimage,

Suddenly a clear thought came ,

Blurry mirrors and roads are the same.

If droplets accumulate  to our window,

We won’t able to see the view,

Like negative things that ruins our world,

It covers the purest identity of me and you.

But once we strive hard to wipe them out,

The clear view of ourselves will stand out

And If we fill our mind with positive thoughts ,

It will clear our path to see the roads.

A clear window will let the sunshine in,

A  beautiful soul  will give you peace deep within,

Have the courage to clear your blurry path,

Never let  ambiguous mind cause a wrath.

If you see your reflection in a moving water,

Have patient to wait , until it gets clear,

Never trust your judgement if things aren’t easy,

Patience is Virtue and that’s the ultimate reality.

Wipe your mirrors as well as your windows,

Have the faith and kindness to save your soul,

To ascend the top of staircase we need to see the steps,

In order to see things, we have to clear our mind from any doubts. ©️ my-pen-and-soul

by Marilou Eureka Bianzon Robey,a published author of My Pen & Soul ,Artwork and Poetry Collection ,  book is now available on Amazon