Clear Mind & Soul

Right after a steamy shower, 

I wrapped a towel  around my shoulder,

I looked at myself in the mirror,

I noticed everything was so  blurry.

I couldn’t see my image,

As if I couldn’t reach my pilgrimage,

Suddenly a clear thought came ,

Blurry mirrors and roads are the same.

If droplets accumulate  to our window,

We won’t able to see the view,

Like negative things that ruins our world,

It covers the purest identity of me and you.

But once we strive hard to wipe them out,

The clear view of ourselves will stand out

And If we fill our mind with positive thoughts ,

It will clear our path to see the roads.

A clear window will let the sunshine in,

A  beautiful soul  will give you peace deep within,

Have the courage to clear your blurry path,

Never let  ambiguous mind cause a wrath.

If you see your reflection in a moving water,

Have patient to wait , until it gets clear,

Never trust your judgement if things aren’t easy,

Patience is Virtue and that’s the ultimate reality.

Wipe your mirrors as well as your windows,

Have the faith and kindness to save your soul,

To ascend the top of staircase we need to see the steps,

In order to see things, we have to clear our mind from any doubts. ©️ my-pen-and-soul

by Marilou Eureka Bianzon Robey,a published author of My Pen & Soul ,Artwork and Poetry Collection ,  book is now available on Amazon

A brand new start

Applied a Haiku style in this poem. I love to capture the sky during sunrise. It gives me the feeling of refreshment.

Waves of the ocean 

Deliver an exciting show 

The rays from the sun 

Reflects in the water and glow

Shining horizon

The glistens look like diamonds

The sky wrapped in hues

Pink, orange ,purple and  blue

This shimmers my heart

The light gleams the perfect way 

                        A brand new start

                Just brought within me today


Eureka Bianzon Robey

Let Sunshine enter in your heart

Let  sunshine enter in your heart

When your world is about to part

It may not be easy from the very start 

But heart will heal if we do our part

Renew your heart with a purpose each day

Heart will heal if you give it its way

Forgive yourself and  others before you go to bed

Let go of nuisance words others may have said

Let sunshine enter in your heart

Draw yourself closer to Almighty by praying hard

Face the trial with Him in your life

Know He is our only  sunshine in difficult times


I don’t want to see you in pain

You wrap your eyes with your hands

Then tears suddenly fell from them

When I asked you, are you alright?

You whispered yes, I can pretend. 

I could see through my very eyes

Those tears are like heavy rain

I care because I sympathize

And I don’t want to see you in pain

I know you have a broken heart

Please let me know  if I could stay

You know that I’m here from the start

I want to make sure you’ll be okay.


A wonderful person

It takes a big heart

To love

It takes calm ears

To listen

It takes a clear mind

To understand

It takes clear eyes

To appreciate beauty 

It takes a loving soul

To care

It takes warm arms

To give comfort

It takes a wonderful person

To show these words


Sometimes it’s nice to know that someone cares

Sometimes it’s nice to feel that we’re home

In someone’s heart and not of being alone

Weariness and loneliness will surely gone

From being safe and secure  in someone’s arms

Sometimes it’s nice to know that someone cares

A sad heart heals, even from far away

A sense of belongingness will surely stays

And meaning of love is felt and will never stray 


Poem for Lily

This could be one of those saddest nights
When we see you trying so hard to fight
With your illness ,you’ve never shown you’re weak
Instead you smile when we give you kisses on your cheeks

It’s so sad to think that tonight will be your last night
Your pain will be over , you no longer need to fight
Tomorrow when they put you in your sleep
Dream of the happy place where people loved you so deep

Goodbye Lily, We love you!

“Island” by Eureka C. Bianzon

I’m wishing to be in an island, with much of beautiful trees
Where I could witness with serene countenance its deep blue sea
Far from the crowd hearing the waves on sands with sweet melodies
Where I would be in silence when there’s no one dare to understand me

In there I would hold my pen and unleash its secrecy
I would grave on my paper the hideous feelings inside of me
In there I could find the home of my soul and its sanctuary
Mind which could soar with freedom with words flapping freely

Oh how I wish to be in an island with much birds in its glorious sky
A place where I can find hope while gazing the sun’s illuminating light
A place where I might find peace staring on greenly mountain sides
Where my soul’s travailing journey would be gone & will be kept alive

In there I would express my ardent prayer, thinking of my last farewell
I would glide my pen on my empty paper, writing my innermost prayer
Thanking God for the life He offered, my story He made a beautiful novel
Life I couldn’t compare among the other, discovering it’s splendor things such a wonder

I would be in a happy silence, feeling the breezing wind drifting on my hair
Closing my tearful eyes leaving all the pain which I couldn’t bear
Facing the luminous clouds asking God for His uttermost forgiveness
For the dire mistakes I’ve done in my life’s capacious places

How I wish to be in an island with solemn beauty, where the stars at night
shining sprightly
Where I could rest my body on the cold sands while gazing on the moonlight glowing brightly
Where I could listen to the sounds of waves at night whispering lightly
Saying I am the island where you could relay everything to God
without hesitancy

“Rain” by Eureka C.Bianzon

I woke up to the sounds of rain
I saw people running here and there
On that moment I sat up near the bus window pane
Witnessing people’s feeling weren’t the same

Few were worried, some were happy
Few were running,while some were
Men and women were running with cover
While children never stop playing together

I laid back on my seat
Listening to the lullabies it
brought to my ears
I felt something different as it
Purifies me
Every stroke of water
Filled me in

See how the amazing rain
Cleanses the earth
Like tears falling from our
eyes from earthly dearth
When there’s rain I’ve
never felt weary and blue
Each drop counts which
make me someone new

Photograph by Franco Andrade Naron

“Tulang may gintong aral buhat sa Maykapal” Eureka C. Bianzon


Mga tulang aking isinusulat ay may layunin

Mga aral sa buhay dito’y aking batid sabihin

Aking hangarin inspirasyong maibibigay ay

Hindi bigyang patlang

Patungkol sa buhay na ating tanging hiram


Sa bawat saknong na aking inilalapat

Nawa’y maibahagi  at tuluyang isiwalat

Sapagkat kalooban ko’y buo sa sa pamamahagi

Ng bawat paham

Tulang may gintong aral  buhat sa Maykapal


Walang humpay kong ilalambag

Aking bawat layunin sa buhay kong yakag

Maisalba mula sa tula sinumang nalulumbay

Maibahagi mga aral habang dugo ko’y buhay

“My Purpose” by Eureka C.Bianzon

Though I couldn’t understand

What was my purpose when I was young

All I knew was playing and having fun

To do my best and let myself to stand

But somehow when each morning

is passing

I look into the sky and starts wondering

What is my life’s message

My purpose in each passing day

Hence, I appreciate each second in time

Thinking how will I design my purpose in this life

When I hold my pen and share my words

My heart wants to share the purpose I chose

I’ll continue the courage to ink my soul

I knew this was my purpose when I was small

To share the gift of wisdom to all

To enlighten each from darkness

Through My Pen and Soul