“Children who travail this life so hard” by Eureka C.Bianzon

I find myself searching for peace from heaven
Praying for those starved and abandoned children
I cried hard convincing myself
to understand
Why the world seems so unfair
on innocent hands

Why they need to experience things
With pain
Striving their life with so much
Hardiness to gain
They’ve lost everything even their
Who left them in the middle of predicament

Now I am bemoaning about the feeling that I’ve ever felt
Something that broke my heart
As I recollect
From the story of children who
travail this life so hard
Struggling for hope,for peace of their dreadful hearts

May this bewildered world be kind to them
May they find the fair life that they
Keep on searching
May they experience the happiness
They deserved
And be secluded from all the dire things that they absorbed….


“Wars like rains wash off young people’s hope” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Population caged by hearts basked with darkness

Innocent youths were afflicted with harm-ness

Few couldn’t streak their voices for they were

Scared to try

Freedom of speech had been prohibited or else

They would die

How would the war stop?

How would innocents gain the freedom?

If their hearts had been stuck

And voices were dig on the ground

How would people gain peace in a nation?

If their hearts are dying and freedom couldn’t be

Attained in their home

Wars like rains wash off young people’s hope

Their aspirations have been pinned to vast unrestful soul

“Victim of Poverty & Starvation” by Eureka C. Bianzon

 Innocent minds unnerving from hungriness

Craving for opulence to sustain insatiableness

World’s resembling profound reality

Many young hearts died because of poverty

Wandering innocents with shoeless feet

Crossing the cold and delicate streets

Poor children sleeping with empty stomach

Living with unjoyful & impoverished hearts

Many sages ignored children will illnesses

Many rich people greed of indulgences

Think of few part of their wealth to be shared

Many dying innocent souls will be surely saved

I prayed those children won’t lose a hope

To raise themselves from an unfortunate world

May the Lord God bless their innocent souls

For being the victim of poverty & starvation

photograph by photographer Jan Michael Vincent Castillo

“Hope sages, may give hope to a shadowed land” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Many made promises for the country to accent

Told wonderful things to do their very best

Sometimes we didn’t know how to accept

Those words from sweet tongue

if they’re different from rest

Many didn’t know much about politics and so I am

The thought people who serves possessed a heart of kindness

That thing wandered in my mind when I was young

Now I’ve found out not all served that pure throughout the years

Crowd trusted leaders for they came from respectful race

Now I’ve learned not all could be honest from a smiling face

Voting some leaders somehow can lead to regret

From those ugly tricks happened we never forget

Hope sages, may give hope to a shadowed land

Stand with them with dignity and with clean hands

Lift people to accent peculiarly the poor

Who trusted and chose them to endure