“Children who travail this life so hard” by Eureka C.Bianzon

I find myself searching for peace from heaven
Praying for those starved and abandoned children
I cried hard convincing myself
to understand
Why the world seems so unfair
on innocent hands

Why they need to experience things
With pain
Striving their life with so much
Hardiness to gain
They’ve lost everything even their
Who left them in the middle of predicament

Now I am bemoaning about the feeling that I’ve ever felt
Something that broke my heart
As I recollect
From the story of children who
travail this life so hard
Struggling for hope,for peace of their dreadful hearts

May this bewildered world be kind to them
May they find the fair life that they
Keep on searching
May they experience the happiness
They deserved
And be secluded from all the dire things that they absorbed….


“Abandoned children” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Photo credit to the owner Nilepost.co.Photo is not mine , searched from google

“Abandoned Children”

A young boy in cold wintry streets
Traversing the dangerous road with his barely feet
Eyes were sunken, craving for food to eat
Travailing the hungriness hoping for
good man to meet

On his shoulder tied an old cloth bag
A crying baby was conspicuously seen
Body wrapped with old clad rags
Suffering from cold night thus better place
is unforeseen

Struggling the road days and nights
Knocking on car windows hoping for
someone’s sight
Yet much of the speeding cars just ignored
These abandoned children traversing
their unfortunate world

When will these children feel the warm from
cold nights?
Have their hungry stomach be filled & foods
will never leave their sights
When will these children feel the love from
Love that we’re having yet for some it seems just

Picture credit to Nilepost.co

“Poverty” by Eureka C. Bianzon

There was once an old woman
Who’s staying on Nipa hut without a door
I was there in a hurry and felt to run
For she just fell suddenly on the mud floor

I took her arm and assisted her on a chair
Her hand was wrinkled and cold
You would feel her for she looked despair
Fainting woman whose very old

I’ve searched for food somewhere in her house
I couldn’t find anything, just stumbled me a dead mouse
Her house reflected the true meaning of misery
Hungry with people, Hungriness! Because of poverty

Ill abandoned woman wishing to survive
From the hungriness and pain she’s feeling from inside
Poverty! Many people as her living in days same as night
People whose hoping for a hope and life’s given light

“Victim of Poverty & Starvation” by Eureka C. Bianzon

 Innocent minds unnerving from hungriness

Craving for opulence to sustain insatiableness

World’s resembling profound reality

Many young hearts died because of poverty

Wandering innocents with shoeless feet

Crossing the cold and delicate streets

Poor children sleeping with empty stomach

Living with unjoyful & impoverished hearts

Many sages ignored children will illnesses

Many rich people greed of indulgences

Think of few part of their wealth to be shared

Many dying innocent souls will be surely saved

I prayed those children won’t lose a hope

To raise themselves from an unfortunate world

May the Lord God bless their innocent souls

For being the victim of poverty & starvation

photograph by photographer Jan Michael Vincent Castillo