“Grace of humanity” by Eureka Bianzon Robey

A silent prayer I whispered from my heart
May people find  peace esp those who have gone to war
May security and peace be yearned from our country mother
So its children may experience  comfort from her

May those with heavy burdens surpass the continuous rains
May their paths be lightened with hope from heaven
May the youths be protected as well as the elderly
May this earth be filled with the grace of humanity

Oh Lord God May You let our hearts to”be filled with Your Love”

Lord to you May I repent my sins
May I realize that I’m just nothing
but just a human being
Who seeks for your forgiveness at this time
And peace in my soul only through You
I could find
May Your power concatenate my words
To share Your wisdom in this world
May You hold my heart as well as the people
May You lead us in Your Kingdom
May You accept us in Your Home
Oh Lord God May You let our hearts to
be filled with Your Love
May we delight You with our doings
For we all know that You’re staring
at us from there above
May we share Your words for all humanity
May we outshine Your wisdom in Your magical ways
May You hold all of us and bring us in life
of eternity
For You are our Life, Our Hope, and We Accept
You with all our hearts today