“My happiest Valentine” by Eureka C. Bianzon

You’re the loveliest to my sight,
You’re the fragrance of perfect romance
Your smile is brighter than the star light
Your gentle voice possess sweet cadence

You’re an old book wrote in words with rhyme
You’re a charm music with wholesome lullaby
My every joy, my happiness all throughout my life
You’re my natures everlasting smile

The unforgettable thought in my mind
My everdearest gift from God’s devine
This year you’re my happiest valentine
Forever my beloved heart of mine

“Welcome 2013” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Reminisce an enormous  blessings we received before the year will pass
May every tide filled with hope and each ones stand on it and grow
Welcome 2013 owing treatment with joyously glistening sunlight
Blessed by Heavenly father to mend our souls

For the past 2012 sadly grieve
Just store it in the battle of remembrance
Thank God for everything we received
Comfort your heart with deep assurance
To unlearn your mind with acts of vain
Weigh all things right as in themselves they are
Breast all resolution reign

Keep reaching those passions  beyond compare
Bravely face the triumphs to oppose the fate for God is always there
May this year 2013 happier prove with delight
To everyone and grant each feeble heart with a world so bright

Photograph by photographer Mark Tomboc

”Christmas Eve Away From Home” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Joyous day clamor from bells ringing around

Sweet voices singing Christmas carol

Across the streets down town


Children were happy upon receiving gifts

Some make wishes through a silent prayer

Some greets everyone they meet

Family celebrates their happy moments together


Under the moonlight dreary

I got the chance to witness the Merry Christmas eve

I just woke up sighing with my eyes teary

Knowing that It was just only a dream


It is hard to be in overseas

Missing wonderful season away from home

I’m one of those who wishes to be with family each year

Whose longing to celebrate the Merry Christmas eve for so long