Jill’s Tales Book Author Jill Tait, Featured Published Author

Utter pride and sheer contentment 🌹🙏

I followed my heart after I had bared my inner soul

Writing those Jill’s tales book of life in my verses made me feel so whole

And as I reminisced from amidst my memories, unwanted welling tears were often out of my control

But little did I ever imagine, that my memoirs would ever achieve an awe inspiring goal..

So my Jill’s tales was completed in my many hand written pages

Three years ago I wrote fourteen chapters of my entire life story, mentioning each and everyone of my family in stages

And this hand written book, has simply been in the bottom of my wooden chest collecting cobwebs for ages

So locked up with my list of three thousand and more poems, silenced like yon lions in those circus cages..

Well a beautiful lass Eureka Cambonga Bianzon Robey, and from out of the blue

Said “Can you email your Jill’s tales to me please, I would like to read them all through

So of course I sent every one of my chapters to her immediately, without any further ado

Then I was absolutely flabbergasted, when Eureka messaged me back saying she would like to publish Jill’s tales with Mckinleypublishinghub.com, in my first ever book.. and thankfully I responded with a totally shocked “Wow, really” and “Thank you !!”..

So when I sit here today with my pretty pink, glossy book in the palm of my hands

And you know that feeling of utter pride and sheer contentment, that only the blessed understands?

As I read all about my loved ones amidst the hearts of their homelands

Where I wonder now, was fulfilling my hidden secrets of living my dreams written in God’s list of his commands?…🌹

♡ Jill Tait

Jill Tait , Published Author of Jill’s Tales

I am Jill Tait living in the beautiful, rolling hills and valleys of North Northumberland.. 

My little quaint town dwells down in the valleys with the meandering stream waxing and waning, as water flows from the high surrounding hills.

My obsession for penning poetry actually started one Autumnal afternoon, I was sitting anxiously waiting in a hospital room, full of people.. My dear sister Chris had a cancerous mole you see, so as I sat, I wrote her my poem all about our exact events on that day. I found it very easy typing text word for word on my iPhone, and it passed time away, lost in my little bubbles..Needless to say, Chris was okay after a long day and she really loved her very own personal poem..

So that was to be the very onset of my ‘Life in verses’ and really I tend to write about everything and anything that springs up along the way.. I love that pleasurable pass time being lost up a height in cloud nine, haha and I simply cannot not rhyme.. believe me I have tried prose..

I am now retired so have time on my hands and enjoy my active contribution as an administrator on the Passion of poetry. Annette Tarpley founded this absolutely gold mine for poets/poetesses all over the big wide world. I am pleased to say I adore Annette and value our friendship so much. She believed in me and invited me, then welcomed me with open arms into her amazing family. So we all work continuously behind the scenes growing Passion of Poetry from strength to strength..

A couple of years ago, whilst writing my many song lyrics and trying, to sing my tunes, something told me to write fourteen chapters of ‘Jill’s Tales’ 

I loved every second of penning from beyond my bygone memory recollections, so I really pray my readers share my pleasure whilst reading my life long truths..

My angel, Marilou  Eureka Cambonga Bianzon Robey made this book possible and I cannot thank her along with two more angels, Don Luman-ag and Dex Amoroso, ever enough for making my hidden dreams come true.. you see, dreams really can come true, you just gotta believe in Angels…

Jill’s Tales  is now available on Amazon

Paperback link http://shorturl.at/uyART

Harscover Black and White

Jill’s Tales https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09M5KZVR4/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_FAPPNBRTK6KV7ESCBFM4

Hardcover Colored.     

Jill’s Tales https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09M5L9FCF/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_1QP92S5R1E2QWSM0SQ56

Message from Author Jill

Follow your heart ❤️

Nothing in this world is impossible
You only need to believeThen you will be amazed
At just what you will achieve
It doesn’t matter how big or small
Your personal ambition may be
Simply set your heart and soul on it
I think this is a certainty
Never let anyone tell you
Your dream won’t come your way
They are negative people
Be positive I say
There is a world awaiting you
Full of delightful daring things
For instance if your desire is travelling
Then spread those tiny wings
Or perhaps you long to own a company
Be the master of a trade
Strive hard towards this wish
Eventually this will be portrayed
Theres nobody can do it for you
So you need to know this from the start
If there is something that you really want
Then try your best with all your heart
We are put on this earth for a reason
I reckon that this is true
So follow your dreams forever
No matter what you do
Much Love
Jill Tait
Jill's Tales Published Author

Book Publisher http://mckinleypublishinghub.com

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FAITH: STRENGTH IN ONE’S HEART by Lolita F. Lolos-Despuig

No one can survive without faith in one’s heart

No one can befriend with others, without faith to others

No one can give to others without faith in him

So faith is just there waiting … waiting in one’s heart.

Faith is a value that needs to be touched

To be touched by men so as to touch people

If faith is in our heart, we will be comfortable

Comfortable to our selves … and to others too,

Faith in oneself is strength of one’s heart

For without faith, as if we are walking in the dark

We can’t get along with anybody because faith is not with us 

That’s why, we feel as if burdens of the world are loaded in our shoulders.

Have faith in us, because it is the strength of our hearts

We will love the world, if we have faith in our hearts

So we can dance, as if we are ballerinas

Swaying in the air, as if we are floating.

Why not open up our eyes for the good of everyone?

Just smile at them, so that the world will smile at us

Give our hands to all nations, so that peace will be with us

If we can do these, we are sure… Faith is the Strength of our Hearts.

©️Lolita F. Lolos-Despuig


Hailed from the province of Sorsogon, town of Bulan, Region V ( Bicol), Dr. Lolita Lolos- Despuig is a retired Professor 3 of Sorsogon State College, now Sorsogon State University of the same place. In time of her teaching, she is a poet in her own way, thus engaging herself to scribble literary pieces like poems and prose, wherein some were published in various magazines both local and national, college newspapers and CHED news.

Because of her desire to express her feeling and emotions, poetry in particular moves her way up to the social media being a member of various groups in line with poetry. Currently, she is a mentor in RG de Castro Colleges of the same place bringing with her the adage: “Never Quit” which is in consonance of her never-ending love in jotting down poems, which is her hobby and as well as a part of her life, as it runs to her blood.
Furthermore, Dr Lolita Lolos-Despuig is happily married to Dr. Eduardo Groyon Despuig, also a retired Associate Professor 5 of the same college/ university .They have three(3) children who are all professionals in their own field of endeavor: A College Program Chair in Entrepreneurship; an OFW being a Medical Technologist and an Engineer.

Being a poet,a mentor, a wife and a mother, she can manage herself to divide her time in these different tasks. In spite of her senior age, she can still turn her legs on the floor, exercise, and more so, she can travel in and outside her country together with her family. Their togetherness brought them an adage that: “A family that prays together stays together”, which served as their guide in their day- to- day living, for they believed that God is always with them.


If faith is in us, peace will be in our minds, in our souls, in our hands, and in the world we are in. With faith, it strengthens our camaraderie to anybody surrounding us, may it be of the same race or from other nations. With faith in our hearts, we can feel happiness, thus we can unload worries from our shoulders with solace in our hearts and calmness in our whole being.

Faith is the strength of one’s heart … strength for it can wipe away miseries which make ourselves to stoop down to unhappiness because it ruins our lives. BUT because of faith, we can strive hard for the improvement of ourselves thus, engaging us to be free from forlorn in order to gaze the sweetness of the day, which strikes our hearts to smile … because Faith is the Strength of one’s Heart. -Lolita

FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS by Don Luman-ag ( My Pen & Soul Featured Poet)

Follow your dreams 

To your heart be true

Though the path maybe weary

And the skies aren’t blue

Just keep going on

When hope’s not in sight

And there’s no one around

To lend you a hand

In the darkest of night

Look up to the stars

See them shine brightly

To light up your way

Never give up

Just follow your heart

Whenever you stumble

Just rise from the fall

Follow your dreams

Have faith in your heart

Make use of your talents 

Believe in your strengths

Don’t ever give up

In your heart be brave

When you seize opportunities 

Your stars you shall reach

© Don M. Luman-ag

Our Featured Poet’s Biography

Don Luman-ag is a self-published Filipino author and poet who mostly writes inspirational and affirmative poems in the English language. He started his literary journey as a high school kid who represented his school in regional and national competitions. 

Don used to be the Associate Editor and Editor-in-Chief of their school organ, The Misonahisian and its Filipino counterpart, Ang Misonahisian respectively. Fast forward to present, Don first started sharing his recent works in June 2021 via Filipino Poets in Blossoms.

Prior to the pandemic, Don worked as Technical Manager and Systems Audit Lead for Biotech Environmental Services Phils., Inc., a leading pest control company based in Metro Manila where he used to do insect identification, write technical reports and conduct various trainings and seminars within and outside the company for almost 9 years. 

Don is now back in his hometown, Oroquieta City, enjoying a simple but rewarding life together with his family and pets. He finds living close to nature very conducive to his hobbies, health and wellbeing. He plans to venture into Agri-Tourism in the near future as he foresees its vital role in post-pandemic new normal. 

His poetry book “INFINITY AND BEYOND: A Collection of 100 Selected Poems About This Journey Called Life,” is now available on Amazon in eBook, paperback and hardcover formats.



Message from our Poet/Author

Thank you so much for taking time to read my poems. I hope you find some inspiration in them. To know that I was able to touch hearts and impact people’s lives, gives me a different level of satisfaction and sense of fulfillment, that somehow I was able to achieve my life’s purpose and for that, I am grateful to the universe.

Poet / Author Don is one of excellent poets I’ve met through Filipino Poets in Blossoms . His poems are remarkable to share and read, these are poems will make you feel closer to the world or teach you how to pay attention to the world. I’m very excited for his beautiful book to be delivered to my home. -eureka

“Cover Me in Your Sunshine: by Sarfraz Ahmed ( My Pen & Soul Featured Poet )

Break open the coconut shell,

Crack the heart of the yoke let it propel,

Circle the fire,

The inner flame,

Bathe me you beauty and all that exists,

I want to hold it all in my perpetual fist,


Baptise me in the warmness of your smile,

In the salt that lingers in the bottom of the sea bed,

I want to walk barefoot on the sand,

In the paradise that is,

I want to walk hand in hand,

Let it resonate in the heart of this man,


Cover me like a blanket,

Serenade me time after time,

Hold me don’t ever let me go,

Cover me in your sunshine,

Let me bathe in the afterglow.


Sarfraz Ahmed

Copyright 2021

Message from our Poet

This poem is about optimism and joy, new love that resonates and breathes new life into a weary heart. It is a poem about beauty and finding love that is nurturing and warm. -Sarfraz

Our Featured Poet’s Biography

Sarfraz Ahmed lives and works in East Midlands, UK, and is a careers adviser, branching out as trainer, assessor, and a careers writer. He has been writing poetry for over eighteen years and has contributed to many anthologies, including Paint the Sky with Stars, published by Re-invention UK and many others published by the United Press, and many online contributions. His published books include poetry debut Eighty-Four Pins – Poetry Collection (June 2020) and My Teachers an Alien! (November 2020) which is a children’s book with illustrator Natasha Adams, published both books https://green-cat.co/books He has published his second collection of poetry, along with Annette Tarpley, Two Hearts (February 2021) and  Stab the Pomegranate – Collective Poetry (August 2021).Sarfraz is administrator the large Passion of Poetry group on Facebook and has a following on Facebook and Instagram. In May 2021 he was recognised as a World Contributor Poet, recognised for his contribution to poetry by Administrators, Poetry and Literature World Vision. We can find him at open mic events, where he has shared his poetry globally.



Today is Whizzing Away by Shabbirhusein K Jamnagerwalla ( My Pen & Soul Featured Poet)

Life is whizzing away
Oh so fast away
Leaving behind the Pandemics far off
And the opportunities are passing away Oh so fast
That soon today’s moments will become tomorrow’s memories
And today’s feelings will remain beyond your memories.

Let us feel those feelings today
So that the feelings remain forever in your happy lives
Nostalgic remains of your past will swiftly appear in your lives today
Your friendly attitudes and jovial nature today
Will be a part of your tomorrow’s life
Yes life is whizzing away so fast.

Practice your good deeds fervently today
So that tomorrow’s deeds become sublime forever
Use your wealth today on yourself first
Enjoy your life fullest
Plan your happy moments with your own savings
Keep yourself healthy by regular occupational checkups
So that you are not a burden to others tomorrow
Yet eat, pray and play with positive attitudes
And your days will happily whizz away.

Oh yes life is whizzing away so fast
Utilise your time and efforts to keep yourself occupied
Donate to charity graciously
So that when you are gone tomorrow
The people will remember you forever
And pray for your blissful eternity in your forevers too!

Written by Shabbirhusein K Jamnagerwalla


Author’s Biography
 Shabbirhusein K Jamnagerwalla, aged 67 years,  is from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.
He has been writing poetry for the past 50 years publishing in School and Social Magazines.
Recently, during India’s 74th and 75th Independence in 2020 & 2021, he has been honored by the MOTIVATIONAL STRIPS & India’s GUJARAT SAHITYA ACADEMY for literary excellence in par with global Literary standards.
His outstanding Poem ” DANCING INTO OUR LIVES” is featured in CHAOTIC TIMES: Poetry Vaccine for Covid 19 by Authors Brenda Mohamed and Florabelle Lutchman.
His birthday tribute for the Founder of How to Write for Success Literary forum, Brenda Mohammed, was published in her book SWEET MEDLEY.
He is awarded the Kairat Duissenov Medal for Poetic Excellence for his Poem, KAIRAT, YOU ARE MISSED!in Motivational Strips Anthology POETS ARE IMMORTAL
Other poems are published in the WEBSITE of BHARATH VISION. 
His other Poems are published in POET MAGAZINE VOL 2 and was selected asINTERNATIONAL POET OF THE WEEK also.
His poems reflect reality life in social circles, peace, conflicts, poverty, romance and behaviour.

A message from Poet Shabbirhusein

You have to persistently and patiently polish yourself by good deeds and action to form the habit of becoming a good samaritarian. Complaining does not solve existing problem. Overcome your difficult period through pious actions keeping trust in Allah.

OVERCOME FEAR OF FAILURE by Dex Amoroso ( My Pen & Soul Featured Poet)

To control your life

You must control the mind

The cheat codes, go find

Use it in the game of life 

Walk through walls, on fire.

Fly anywhere that you desire.

Embrace the pain.

Invite the pain. 

Have pain over for lunch with you

Ask to teach you all its lessons.

Watch the lions that used to chase you

Turn into tame little kittens. 

It’s not craziness or courage,

It’s the understanding and notion;

That you are not discourage

Even the most intense emotions 

When accepted rather than resisted

Can only help forge a better version of you.

Never feel bitter and twisted

No body can overcome fear of failure but YOU.©️Dex Amoroso

A Biography of the author:

Dexter Amoroso is a registered writer and book editor at National Book Development Board. He authored the 5-star rated “Rustic Charm” and “STAY-AT-HOME DAD: Makin’ Popcorns and Wiping Their Turn To Pop Is Coming, but Don’t Poop At The Same Time!” and co-author of a number of international anthology of poetry, short stories and flash fiction books. He is a member of Pinoy Writers Toastmasters Club and one of the administrators at Filipino Poets in Blossom. He also wrote a short story titled “A Jungle At His Doorstep” and got published in ILA Magazine, an international and prestigious literary magazine. He is a former quality professional who has changed careers and wants to enter the world of teaching.

He subscribes to Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences as it is one of the highest truisms, but he adds another intelligence called “intuition”. And he argues that intuition is the highest form of intelligence as it can identify and target a particular thought or feeling. Intuition is instinct…you don’t think at all but it just comes to your mind…a thought, a feeling, a gut feel. He believes that intelligence cannot be measured only by the ability to do one task. As per what institutionalised education does to gauge intellect. Exposing children to various stimuli will expand their horizons. This will also deepen them as individuals.

While at home fathering his two little boys, he formed a small team and named it Mount Thesis. They assist clients in their thesis writing. They are Mountain Guides like Mt. Everest Sherpas. They guide climbers, they are ahead because they lead …but clients climb with them, so they learn too.

Becoming a father is the best job he has ever had.


Our Author’s Published Books

Please click these links to purchase his books

Stay at Home Dad https://www.amazon.com/STAY-AT-HOME-DAD-Popcorns-Wiping-Assess-ebook/dp/B098RD2XR5/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?crid=2W0C8Q5Q0EP96&dchild=1&keywords=stay+at+home+dad+dexter+amoroso&qid=1634460883&sprefix=stay+at+home+dad+dexter+amo&sr=8-1

Rustic Charm https://www.amazon.com/Rustic-Charm-Dexter-Amoroso-ebook/dp/B098MHZB7N/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=rustic+charm+by+dexter&qid=1634461275&sr=8-1

Our featured author just recently celebrated his birthday.

And I would like to take this opportunity to greet him a happy birthday myself. He’s one of the reasons I was able to publish my book. He believes that I am a great writer, he made me believe in myself.

To sir Dex thank you,  may you continue to inspire more writers in this world. -eureka robey


APPRECIATION POEM BY Don Luman-ag (Featured Poet)

By Don Luman-ag

Inspiring beauty and brains
That’s how I see our dear Ma’am Helen
Just like her namesake — the lovely Helen of Troy
Two great women destined to be in literature

Unequalled is her brand of leadership, guts and charisma
She’s an unselfish woman, a very inspiring persona
A great source of encouragement for both seasoned and aspiring poets
I find great learning from her sincere and honest critiques

She’s like a mother hen who tags along her chicks
She grooms and takes them to where the good stuff is
She encourages them to soar to greater heights
By creating various opportunities for them to shine

Ma’am Eureka is a triumphant discovery
A real asset in the world of poetry
She’s a sophisticated lady with a heart of gold
She’s got so much talent, it’s plain to behold

A model, actress, and artist rolled into one
With a personality as elegant as her more than seven hundred poems
She freely lends her exceptional skill in computer graphics
To give us beautifully adorned Quotes of the Day, awards and certificates

What I really like the most about this darling
Is how she remains humble and never self-serving
Such personal quality and attribute are worth admiring
For beauty of character is what’s more lasting

My very good friend, Ma’am Leah Dancel
I’m glad she coaxed me to get out of my shell
She’s instrumental in rekindling my literary passion
She’s the one who invited me to join Filipino Poets in Blossoms

I’m a top fan of her literary works
Her poems and essays are fantabulous
They’re impeccable in both grammar and style
Coffee table book-worthy, riches to be desired

It’s been my wish that her collected works
Will someday soon be printed into books
For this generation and posterity to enjoy
Reading them can give everyone so much joy

If you don’t want to be a so-so
You got to learn it from Sir Dex Amoroso
As his Italian-Hispanic family name implies
Dex is indeed an amorous guy

He is naturally witty, never corny
At times he can also be humorously naughty
But mind you, he is profound and serious
A loving dad of two who’s drop-dead gorgeous

He’s an intellectual, not your average Joe
Looks intimidating but he is humble true
I’m so impressed with his self-authored books
He’s a self-made man and I’m proud to call him “bro”

Another poet whom I really I look up to
Is none other than our very own Sir Crispulo
He’s also a late bloomer as he divulged
Sometimes our poems exist in parallel worlds

His works I’d say, are classic and refined
Free-flowing fountain from the heart and mind
He keeps exploring other forms and styles
I am bewitched by his “prosetry” in particular

Neatly written using choicest words
Precisely crafted and skillfully measured
Sentence fluency so smooth and expressive
Quality writing worth its weight in gold

I pay my tribute to Maestro Yesu Ben
This Philippine treasure is every artist’s friend
He is a faithful guardian of the beloved craft
It’s a great privilege to know this noble laureate

A teacher-philosopher of unfeigned humility
You can sense in him deep spirituality
Hard to match physical and mental agility
Looking super cool at the age of sixty

He mentors by example that we may not depart
From the gold standard for literary arts
His works are a testament to his well-earned stature
A brilliant luminary in Philippine Literature

Seldom that I  feature a poet and their poem here in my website , yet this wonderfully written poem dedicated to Poets of Filipino Poets in Blossoms melted my heart early this morning. It was written by an extraordinary Poet, Mr. Don Luman-ag.  I was reading it and found myself wiping my falling tears from the appreciation he mentioned about me.

 Sir Don Luman-ag , is one humble poet that I admire. His poems are sagaciously written. I love the way he expressed his poems about nature, pets, and how much he appreciates the beauty of life & people around him. 

I can’t wait to feature more of his inspirational poems here in Mypenandsoul soon .