In the eyes of innocent souls

The storm plays like a  frenzied drum on a

Rusty roof

Down the house a little heart  fear grows

Embracing his friend that keeps saying


By chance the sound of thunder won’t stop

Its harsh music causes such distraught

Yet his friend relieves all the fears he got

Grants him calmness from security & love

When he and his loyal friend were born

They were not the same but  their love abound

Here is their meaning behind the thunder and storm 

That no one is different in the eyes of innocent souls

©️ mypenandsoul

Artist & Illustrator Eureka Bianzon Robey

I always want to be with you

Here you are sleeping between my arms

While I look out the window and see the stars

Wishing that from you I will never be far

For I always want to be with you my little star

I can hear your breathing like music to my ears

I always want to be with you so I can listen to your fears

You’re my life,my dear child ,my dear

I always want to be with you so I can wipe your eyes when they’re in tears

When I kiss your forehead it’s telling me

Mommy I want to be with you too wherever I may be

I always want to be with you so you can see me

As I grow older , I always want you right here beside me.


I don’t want to see you in pain

You wrap your eyes with your hands

Then tears suddenly fell from them

When I asked you, are you alright?

You whispered yes, I can pretend. 

I could see through my very eyes

Those tears are like heavy rain

I care because I sympathize

And I don’t want to see you in pain

I know you have a broken heart

Please let me know  if I could stay

You know that I’m here from the start

I want to make sure you’ll be okay.


A wonderful person

It takes a big heart

To love

It takes calm ears

To listen

It takes a clear mind

To understand

It takes clear eyes

To appreciate beauty 

It takes a loving soul

To care

It takes warm arms

To give comfort

It takes a wonderful person

To show these words


His heart is place I call my home

There’s a man so loving and sweet

Who tickles my heart so deep

When i look to his eyes that speak

There’s a soul that I would love to keep

Forever I’ll treasure our bond

He will be  forever in my heart and beyond

‘Til the water gets dry in  the ocean

‘Til leaves  on all trees are gone

This man is who I call my husband

Who brightens my day like the sun

Whose love is as colorful as morning dawn

His heart is place I call my home


Sometimes it’s nice to know that someone cares

Sometimes it’s nice to feel that we’re home

In someone’s heart and not of being alone

Weariness and loneliness will surely gone

From being safe and secure  in someone’s arms

Sometimes it’s nice to know that someone cares

A sad heart heals, even from far away

A sense of belongingness will surely stays

And meaning of love is felt and will never stray 


Right by your side,my soul,my dear

When wrinkles line our face and our  hair turns grey 

I will slowly read you a book while we sit by the fireplace

Right by your side until you fall to sleep 

Put a blanket over you so you will feel the warm so deep

Far and wide then  you will wander

A dream with continuous flow like a dancing river

By a boat my darling you will take me there

We will be watching the stars & the moonlight glare

And when you awaken I will still be here

Right by your side my soul ,my dear

When we get old we will never be in fear

For I have you, you have me until

the end is near.


Simula noong Isinilang kita

Sa tuwing ikaw ay gigising hagikgik muna ang aking madidinig
At kapag ikaw ay dinungawan  iyong namimilog na mga mata sa aki’y nakatitig
Ang iyong biglang ngiti ang siyang gumigising sa
aking isipan
Ako’y sumisiglang bigla kahit hapong katawan ay hindi pa nailapag sa aking higaan

Kapag tinititigan kita  puso ko’y ngumingiti sa saya
Labis na kagalakan iyong hatid sa akin simula noong
Isinilang kita
Iyong paghawak sa aking labi sa tuwing akap kita
Tila isang mahika hindi makapaniwala na sa ngayon ay kapiling ka

Aking pakiramdam na kaya kong lahat basta’t nariyan ka
Kaya kong kalimutan lahat , sa tuwing nakikita ka
Ikaw ang sikat ng araw sa aking bawat umaga
Saya ng aking kalooban , isang mahika buhat sa Lumikha.

Isinulat ni Eureka Bianzon Robey

Poem for Lily

This could be one of those saddest nights
When we see you trying so hard to fight
With your illness ,you’ve never shown you’re weak
Instead you smile when we give you kisses on your cheeks

It’s so sad to think that tonight will be your last night
Your pain will be over , you no longer need to fight
Tomorrow when they put you in your sleep
Dream of the happy place where people loved you so deep

Goodbye Lily, We love you!

This joy in my soul is an ineffable thing

There are so many words that rhyme
That define why being with you I always shine
On the darkest sky you are my star
On dreariest days you are my smile near or far

Your gentle voice has meaningful sounds
Endless songs of birds that calm me down
With this world full of wilderness you are my home
Who comforts me when winds freed by the storm

The vast sky witness our unfold stories
Measureless love you give is beyond defining
It lifts my heart , gives me the feeling of flying
Truly this joy in my soul is an ineffable thing
poem written 05/18/18

Author: Eureka Bianzon Robey


“Mother I love you, please forgive me”by Eureka C. Bianzon

I’ve been hurt your feelings many times
From doing such crazy things
And you couldn’t stop me most of the times
From doing such nuisance things
You didn’t mind if you have waited much
And ignored you when I got home
And your hand I didn’t try to reach
Nor dare to touch
Instead I told you to just leave me alone
You have seen me through all those years
I gave you much of falling tears
Yet your love stayed the same and
Never diminished
You were the best mom from all the
Love you’ve shared
Unconditional love you gave to me
Despite of all the dire mistakes I’ve done
Mother I love you, please forgive me
I’m in pain & shed much of tears
now that you’re gone
Poem I’ve written today thinking of the lady who just realized the love of her mom, when we brought her in her last resting place…I hope this poem will share the lesson to everyone…
“Mothers mold us wholeheartedly, love us unconditionally, their love is patient and forgiving no matter what”