“Holding the Faith” by Eureka C. Bianzon

At the early age I strive

I’ve been raised myself as a matured child

I struggled in life with meandering thoughts

For I’ve found myself on one’s Tod

Reckoning situations I’ve encountered

At my young age seemed to be unending

Sailing on countless triumphs to reach

The unattainable shore

Odds and uncertainty kept on flowing

For my entire life I have relished stories

On how I gained from life’s hardships

It’s my belief and travail of trying

Prevailing faith to keep on striving

This is how I carved my life

Holding the faith

Out of unbearable sorrow

This is how I dealt my life, I kept on sailing

Until I reached the unattainable shore

Photograph by photographer Oj Abagat
Published by KABAYAN weekly UAE
column “POEM OF VIEW”
January 03- 09,2013

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