“Happiness from good deeds” by Eureka C.Bianzon

THERE was a storekeeper I’ve seen outside the vicinity

Who threw his kindness to a ragged poor lady

He offered her foods to fill her stomach which was empty

His kindness was shown, his heart was pure absolutely

Many people were there

Who squandered upon that ragged lady a look

Some embarrassed her

Until she covered her face with a book

That day was meant for an ineffable creature

Who deserved a help from a kind heart

It made me cry when I witnessed that storekeeper’s nature

He was that ragged little boy I helped from the start

Some people may hold

A sheen heart more than a gold

Happiness from good deeds will never be sold

Memories we will treasure when we get old

He letted her rest from her misery

He helped her for she’s pale with woe

His good deeds meant so sweet to me

May the Lord bless his heart for lighting one’s soul

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