“Her love of music” by Eureka C. Bianzon

It was my childhood years

When she taught me to play the music

She was a tough woman whom I’ve met

Not knowing she was really sick

She shared many stories about her life

Her huge mounds of years with music

She left behind


She treated me as her daughter

And I treated her like my mom as well

We spent years playing her music together

Moments when our closeness dwelled


Many years have passed I reached in college

Her sickness became worse without my knowledge

The were times I couldn’t have the chance

To play with her a music or give her a glance


Music helped her to ease her burdens inside

That’s what she told me when she was still alive

I thank her for imparting me things

That I will treasure for the rest of my life

Her faith, her kindness, her love of music

Will always be my inspiration to pursue my desire



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